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    my mag is so wierd it changed at 10, 35, 50, 55, 75, and now 95! that makes 6! man, its now "Varaha" 2 blue mags that are kinda long.

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    Default mag is level 25 now I think, still looks the same = |

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    I had the original small one
    Then it changed to two small ones
    Then it changed to spikey wings
    Then it changed to big jetpacks
    Then it changed to a spoiler
    Now it's this little critter thing.

    It's at L70.

    I liked the wings.


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    it could possibly change almost every 5 levels or so if your stat porportions change enough to make it..

    there's a couple mag pieces you want to look at if curious.. an english faq and the japenese site.


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    Castelak...i got da same MAG az u....Varaha...itz pretty dope....itz at like lvl 57 i think......itz been changin a lot waz varaha b4 den changed.....n now changed bak to varaha....weird......but gotta luv it!

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    err yeah... pretty um "dope"

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    My MIND MAG that i use only to learn higher level spells, has only evolved twice. And it's level 137! Beat that! Muahahahaaa!!!

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