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    I played a lot of PSU and also a newcomer to the Phantasy Star games so I pre-ordered a copy when it was announced on Nintendo Power. When I got a copy I made a HUmar named Noblewine. I'm still playing but offline mostly. I love the combat and the mystique in this game.
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    Planning to replay PSP2 and prove to myself that the chaining mechanic do not slow down the pace of the combat. =/
    Planning to replay PSU (ep1 and 2) for story and gameplay, PSZ and PSP2 offline mode Only Also I'm keeping my FC for psz up though the Network Mode is closed.

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    Played as a RAmar, but i didn't like the game to make him to level 100.

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    I was a Hunewm! Loved it lol

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    I think the game had been out for a month before I convinced my brother to get Phantasy Star Zero. I heard about the game from playing with some of my friends on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. That was a pretty fun run. Lots of hours well spent. I think it might have been close to new years when I got it, because I remember going to a friends house to pop fireworks, and telling my brother how much fun the game would be. I let my brother try it out first, because he was the one who purchased the game.

    His first character was a HUnewm ( or whatever the Male Hunter Newman are called; Cut me some slack! I haven't played in a while!). He seemed to really like his choice. When it was finally my turn to play, I followed in suite. I made my HUnewm with a green suite and hair. I reached lvl 100 maybe a year and a half after I got it. I took my time with the game, and spent many hours online playing with friends. I think I spent more than 400+ hours on PSZ. It was loads of fun. I would like to make a robot hunter, or even a human ranger. Maybe I will. I just wish I could still play online.

    My favorite place on PSZ is probably the ARCA PLANT ( if playing online), but I really enjoyed doing the Eternal Tower in offline play. I also visited Dark Shrine and Ruins often. Good times. PSZ also had pretty good music. In fact, I bought the 4 disc soundtrack recently. Love it!

    It has been said before, but PSZ really should have a sequel. I didn't have nearly as much fun with Phantasy Star Portable 2 as I did with PSZ. I have been playing PSO 1&2 for gamecube as of late.

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    I always use mages (female)

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    I've also chase HUcast , but after cleaning the story i deleted it 'cause he can't heal himself without heal traps (you can carry only 5 of them at once). So i created a HUnewm and now i'm 94. Good choose i suppose

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korimuzél View Post
    I've also chase HUcast , but after cleaning the story i deleted it 'cause he can't heal himself without heal traps (you can carry only 5 of them at once). So i created a HUnewm and now i'm 94. Good choose i suppose
    Mate, you use Mates to heal as a Cast. Heal Traps are mostlyemergency use only, since they can be used as back-up revival in dire times (lay just before getting killed, trap goes off and revives you on the spot). You use Mates to heal chip damage until then.
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    Yeah I know, it's bad etiquette to bump a old thread, but considering this part of the forums don't see much action, is anyone really going to care?

    When I got the game on release day (I was sick as a dog but I wasn't going to wait), I started off as a HUcast, but I found it frustrating with that stupid octopus, so I then restarted with a HUmar. During the time that the PSZ forum was up & running, I also became a part of the Rappy Guild, and that made the game so much more fun. Playing on a constant basis never made it feel old, and I still remember the one time where a high level character among a group of newly created avatars used a charged up shot from a laser cannon and killed the dragon with that one shot.

    I still have the game to this day, and though I came close to trading it in once, I decided against it. Of all the games I have for my 3DS, that one is still my personal favorite.

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    First character was a a RAmar I named Doc (after Doc Holiday), but I retired him at level 20-ish. Now I run a Level 25 RAcaseal named Mariana, and a Level 100 HUnewearl named Kathryn.

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