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    Default PSO2 Crippling Chrome?

    I'm fairly sure its not an issue of maxing out on memory because according to task manager i'm only at a little over 50% usage with pso2 and google chrome running at the same time. As soon as PSO2 goes into full operation all of my extensions from chrome crash and it will no longer navigate to any page. I don't know if its maybe punkbuster doing something to prevent cheating somehow or if its something else. Anyone experience this problem? Also don't know if it effects anything but i'm not alt-tabbing from the game to the browser i'm using a dual monitor set up so i go into a menu to give me back mouse control and go over to my other screen.

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    Default PSO2+Google Chrome

    So just yesterday my Google chrome stopped working whenever I get on PSO2. I'm not sure why but when i try to load a website/page on chrome it wont load or anything. If i exit out of pso2 then google chrome works fine again. I have no idea what happened but i was wondering if this has happened with other people.

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    When you say pages won't load, do you mean you get errors with connections or that the page just gets stuck loading and never finishes? If the later it might be a memory or cpu thing.

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    Maybe you pressed some key combination that lets you download links instead accesing those links on chrome. I have that once in a while when I play.

    Example, you click refresh, and nothing happens? Might as well check your download map and clear it if you had that problem.

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    Did you try turning it off and on again?

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    I mean pages are stuck loading and never finishes. And I did clear out my downloads cleared cache everything. I'm trying Fire fox at the moment and that's working perfectly fine.

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    oh, so I'm not the only one having this issues.. m.. for me, my chrome worked fine before, but after this recent pso2 updates, now it wont load any web pages when I've pso2 open =3= Tested it with firefox ane even ie, they both worked fine.. orz.

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    nProtect Gameguard perhaps?
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    I was assuming that maybe it was some google chrome update, I'm trying to download an old version of google chrome but i keep getting the current version which i think is the reason why google isn't working properly.

    I don't think it's gameguard, since i took it off using the tweaker.
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    I remember this problem occurred to me a lot back in the Alpha and Beta days of PSO2. Something about PSO2 locking the use of Flash, or something alike.

    Try updating your Flash software, just in case. Might solve the problem.

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    alright let me test that out. Really don't want to start using another web browser

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