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    Default PSO2 EQ Alert (Android Version)

    There's been a JP version of a PSO2 EQ Alert (not to be confused with my desktop PSO2 Alert, I had no hand in development with this android app) that's been floating around for a while now. However, the creator just added english support, and I just grabbed the translation files and fixed them up and sent them in. So, next update (or soon, hopefully), all the english will be fixed, and this post will get a rewrite.

    In the meantime:

    PSO2 EQ Alert:

    Here's the download link:

    You can also search "PSO2" in the play market!

    Here's a quick guide on how to set it up and configure some stuff:

    First, select your ship. The names aren't correct, it'll be fixed. Just go by the number.

    You'll now recieve EQ notifications for that ship.

    Here are the settings, along with what they do:

    "Notification sound" - Sets whether or not a sound will play when the EQ is announced

    "Notification sound choice" - Choose a sound to play when the EQ starts

    "Notification vibration" - Set whether or not your device will vibrate when the EQ starts

    "Show icon on statusbar" - Set whether or not to show the icon on the statusbar (the top where your Wifi and such is displayed)

    "Notification badge" - Unknown

    "Notification exclusion time" - Enable the program to stop listening for EQs at certain times (when you sleep, at work, etc)

    "Notification exclusion time" (Second) - Sets the time for the above option.

    "Settings save" - Saves your settings :3


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    I've been spoiled by the icons I've been throwing at the notifier for a long while now, so the lack of it makes me a sad panda. BUT... Very appreciated that someone on the other side cares to bother catering to us. Thanks for the news and fix ups. BTW, I'm assuming "notification badge" must mean an program icon to display on the top task bar?
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    Well, technically Kion.
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    never knew this existed... thanks.

    btw do you know if the exclusion time is according to the phone's clock or server time?

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    This looks neat.

    How about iOS?
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    Omg. Downloading now.

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    Are you still planning your own android app for this Aida?
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    It works. Detected Trick or treat 7 min before start time.

    I hope that Aidas version will be faster. Recognize eq at the 15min warning.

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