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    Question Questions on Braver Class

    Hi there! this is my first thread so be gentle

    I just played this game recently so I have a lot of questions to ask. I created a braver class and is nw lv.17. I am planning to build towards pure bow and ignore katana.
    The PA I have : 1) torrential arrow(lv1)
    2)master shot (lv3)(using)
    3)kamikaze arrow(lv4)(using)
    4)sharp bomber (lv3)
    5)penetrating arrows(lv1)(using)
    AM i using the correct PAs for maximum damage? ( i can do about 1k damage with fully charged kamikaze arrow) The thing i hate about this skill is it is a gap-closer and puts you in melee range. It is very hard to re-position and it is a single target skill.

    Another thing i don't understand is about sub-classes. I have seen online builds and decided to go with this : <IGNORE the HUNTER SKILL TREE> I am going towards Br/Ra Build. The questions are :
    1) how to level up ranger skill tree? ( it stops at level1)
    2) what does it mean by Br/Ra? Do i get to use ranger PA and skills and when?
    3) Why can't i equip any firearms/rifles?? I know it is because of low R-atk but is it normal at lv 17 and how to fix it? ( i don't want to use gunslash)

    Mag questions: 1) What weapon should i feed it for stage 2 mag?(bows or rifle?) (currently lv.5)
    2) what stats should it have? (eg. Ranged,Dex? )
    3)What type of mag should i get? the shooting mag?

    I would really appreciate it if anyone could answer my question Thanks in advance.

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    1.) Both Katanas and bows are good in certain situation but you are going for Br/Ra, then go for it with pure bow. But do bring a katana to for PP restoring with you are out of PP.

    2.) Main PAs to get is, Kamikaze Arrow, Master Shot, Gravity Arrow, Penetrating Arrow, and Torrential Arrow for bows. New one is meh.

    3.) I would suggest this build:

    4.) Sub class gets 10% of the exp your main class earns. You can also switch class around and train it as a main or give COs to it while you main it.

    5.) Sub class gives you access to PAs for the class but you'll need all class weapons for that class to make use of those PAs. Sub class gives you the skills from that class and stats as well.

    6.) Br/Ra is entirely based being on range and that you'll need to stand still most of the time to get your maximum damage. You'll also have weak bullet.

    7.) You can't equip rifles because Bravers don't have access to normal rifles, you'll need an all-class rifle to do so. Which you'll need to use weak bullet for if you are going to make the Ra Sub valuable.

    8.) Feed your MAG any range weapon to increase it's bonus to R-atk, since you are Br/Ra you should just aim for pure R-atk and maybe some Dex.

    9.) Type of mag? Just feed your MAG range weapons (blue colored background weapons) and you'll be good to go.

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