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    They can just have weapon classes that are mainly concentrated in S or R attack but always have T attack on it in some form. Even the 1-6 star ones. Like fan(Card from psu) can be an R attack weapon with just like 1/2 it's damage in T attack. Maybe have a trait on whatever class that gets it to be able to bring that up to 3/4.

    Cause all tech casting needs is to be able to have their weapon do their own PAs and have techs attachable to the weapon to be viable.

    Also I want them to give wand melee PAs for fuck sack already sega. Invisible stair case. NOW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PokeminMaster View Post
    Personally, I'd love to see lasers return more than anything, but I'm also hoping that something dubbed "Seal Gloves" or whatever may be added, basically an advanced casting weapon based on entirely on character's abilities with photons, acting only as a catalyst for casting from your hands XD

    Also, anyone else think Slicers would've made a nice Braver weapon? ._.
    Lasers would be awesome to see come back lol

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    I'm thinking Slicers might make it in when they add the Advance Class for Bravers. But I'm under the sneaking suspicion that the Advance Class for Bravers will be Ninja themed (or are Fighters already as ninja as they'll get?).

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