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    Post ARKS "United Front Festival 2014" Triple Campaign - 15th Jan - 12th Feb

    This is about the rewards for New Users/AC/Friends during the Festival. For details about the other in-game happenings during the event, see

    PSO2 has started a new set of campaign for users with different requirements and different rewards during the "United Front Festival"

    Campaign Period is between Maintenance 15th January 2014 and Maintenance 12th February 2014 with rewards being sent out in March 2014.

    New Player Campaign:
    A free present for new players which includes
    • Lvl.100 Puyo Mag device
    • "Celesta Laser / Nacht"
    • 4x Experience Gained +50%


    Registering an SEGA ID account and adding the "Phantasy Star Online" product to it will satisfy the requirements of this campaign. Existing accounts are not eligible (I could be wrong but this IS stated at the bottom).

    Deleting eligible characters may exclude you from getting the reward.

    AC Charge Campaign:
    Cumulative rewards for charging 500AC, 2000AC or 5000AC and above. The more you charge your account during the Campaign period, the more items you're eligible to receive (You can only receive one set of items, so above 5000AC you won't receive any more items).

    For 200AC and above you'll receive
    • 1000 FUN Ticket
    For 2000AC and above you'll ALSO receive
    • 2x Grind Success Rate +10%
    • 4x Grind Risk Reduction +1
    • 50x Grinder
    For 5000AC and above you'll ALSO receive
    • White Rappy Suit

    Friend Campaign:
    To promote playing together, players with more than 4 or 12 friends. (If you had more than 4 friends before the campaign, you are still eligible)

    Having 4 friends or more, you will receive
    • 2x Rare Drop Boost Rate +50%
    Having 12 friends or more, you will ALSO receive
    • 2x Tri-Boost +50%
    • 1x Half Doll


    Please let me know if I misread or got the details wrong. I hope this is helpful.
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