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    Exclamation How to deal with TD boss Biblas' TOWER-DESTROYING BOMB

    This is a detailed guide explaining a single one of Dark Biblas' attacks: THE BOMB, aka BAKUDAN (爆弾).
    I'm posting this because it seems like some people still dismiss the bomb as nothing but a mythical illusion.

    Dark Biblas (the final boss in Mining Base Tower Defense) has the ability to destroy a tower from full health.

    It is very obvious when he is about to do it:
    The music changes to this
    Biblas will then face a tower, dramatically open his butt wings, raise his two front main claws above his head, and creates a red ball above him.
    He then throws it at the tower he is facing, which is almost always Green or Blue.

    You can see the ball from long distance, even if you cannot see Biblas or other players.
    The ball takes 3-5 seconds to land at a tower.
    Once it lands at a tower, players have around 10 seconds to destroy it. If they fail, the tower and anyone near it will die.

    Losing a tower means less or crappier rare drops.

    Important points:
    - Biblas can only throw one bomb.
    - Biblas randomly throws the bomb during the final wave, but never at the start of it.
    - If Biblas is kept facing north (assumedly by War Cry), he does not seem to ever throw the bomb.
    - The bomb has roughly 50,000-70,000 HP, does not count as a weak point, but it can be weak bulleted. (thanks Dnd)
    - Burst barrier does not protect from the bomb.

    Class specific tips:
    - Decent Gu/Hus can solo it if they have enough time (thanks Dnd).
    - It takes around 2-3 Shunka Shunrans to kill it.
    - An average lone caster probably won't be able to destroy it in time.
    - Fighters should use Wise stance for more damage, just try to find the ball's "back".

    - Always keep an eye on Biblas, and when you see him raise his arms, start dashing towards the tower he faces.
    - Alternatively, keep at least 2 people at every tower during the final wave.
    - Calling out the bomb and tower color can help a lot.
    - Have someone take Biblas north with War Cry.
    - Kill Biblas immediately (only possible with a powerful multiparty).
    - Stunning Biblas as he is creating the ball will interrupt its creation (thanks doomdragon83) but I don't know if it permanently prevents him from using it
    - You can shoot the ball with the 5000pt cannon laser, even if it's in the sky (thanks doomdragon83)
    - If Biblas dies, the bomb will despawn even if it has been thrown (thanks Saffran)

    Note that if Biblas throws the bomb as other groups break the loot crystal, the server will lag and nobody will be able to see or destroy the bomb in time.
    I don't think there is anything that can be done in this situation. The only solution is probably to kill Biblas before other groups start looting.
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    Wave 6 though.

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    Oops, sorry. Fixed, thanks.

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    A lone GU should have enough time to KO the bomb.

    On another note, I remember seeing a dude use an SA when Wave 6 started. It was labeled with green, purple and blue towers. Im assuming it was saying that you should keep 1 person at both blue and green and the other 10 people stationed at purple.
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    I wasn't sure about Gu/Hus soloing it because I remember trying to Messiah Time the bomb and it seemed surprisingly tough (Yas9000).
    That was a long time ago though. I don't play Gu/Hu in TD anymore.

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    I can solo the bomb fine, as a Gu/Hu with either infinite fire/elder rebellion/Heel stab. With a guld milla (~1,100 r-atk). (it seems to have 50-70k hp? and doesn't count as a weak-point either, you can weak bullet it, however)

    Burst barriers don't absorb or otherwise mitigate damage, it just OHKO's through the barrier. It hits the tower for 70k-90k damage, towers have 32,500hp, it also hits the player for 60-70k (I had 3 seconds to solo it once, I failed)
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    This must be some kind of glitch, I refuse to believe Sega have finally fixed this game's horrible performance problems.

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    biblas should be dead before he takes a single step

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aine View Post
    biblas should be dead before he takes a single step
    You'd hope so, but from my experience in random games when I log on too late / my team's MPA is full, I usually have to solo Bibras if I want to kill him at the spawn point, as people seem to think staying at the towers is a better thing to do.

    WB leg -> Stun -> WB back -> Kill

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    I find that it's 50/50 whether we get a WBer or not. Maybe more likely that we don't, since almost everyone is Gunner or Braver.
    It's another 50/50 whether they suck at WB (eg. they don't WB the leg and then back).

    It's also random whether groups all pile up on Biblas, and whether they take forever to kill him, leaving the towers completely undefended and losing them.
    I try to adapt to each situation as it comes, but I think a lot of people just do whatever they want.

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    Actually, most parties tend to let Biblas jump near the tower THEN start with WB one foot -> stun -> WB the rear.
    That being said, yeah, it's frustrating when nobody cares for the bomb.

    (Also when people die and want you to revive them, but don't tell you they're dead and lying in the complete opposite corner of the map since wave 3.)
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