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    Default PSO3 Online Server?

    Hello everyone!

    I felt like playing PSO3 again and was wondering if there is a online server for it? I was searching through google but couldn't find anything, hoping for more luck here!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Yes and no. If you look around you will find a place you can get online. But sadly there are no Episode 3 servers around that have enough functionality to be playable.

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    There is indeed a private server that runs EP3 online but it is highly bugged. I'd say about 60-70% of the game functions fine but there are hiccups like abilities not working thus rendering some cards useless, attacks going twice in a row and sometimes multiple Arks monsters move to the same tile causing the game to hang and you need to head back to the lobby thus counting as a "disconnect" and losing 10 EXP.

    Just google PSO ep 3 private server and it should be the top result. (We are not allowed to openly name and discuss private servers on this forum)

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