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    PSZ isn't even on the list of affected games meaning it runs on SEGAC servers
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    Quote Originally Posted by jooozek View Post
    PSZ isn't even on the list of affected games meaning it runs on SEGAC servers
    What list of affected games?
    If you mean the list on Nintendo's website, they're only listing their first and second party games, aka "Nintendo published." PSZ, and most of the other DS titles in existence, aren't published by Nintendo so they aren't listed (they can't list each and every game, you know).

    Every DS game that has internet feature has a screen that says "Connect to Nintendo Wifi Connection?" That's exactly what's being discontinued, so... regardless of who made the game, Nintendo runs the online service that it uses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jooozek View Post
    PSZ isn't even on the list of affected games meaning it runs on SEGAC servers
    PSZ definitely uses Nintendo WFC, not servers run by Sega. The list of games on the page linked in the first post is not a comprehensive list. This page lists every game that will be losing online play, and if you search for "phantasy" then PSZ comes up.
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    well this really sucks :[ i agree with Norco let do a farewell event for PSZ
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    I used to play a fair amount online a while ago, but eventually quit due to nintendo's online service being a general nightmare to deal with. Some of you may remember me, but I definitely don't consider myself part of the core group. Just a drifter that stops in now and again to see how things are going and have a drink.

    Still a shame though. I've watched this born-to-fail, amazing, niche game slowly die over the years, but there's always been a wonderful and dedicated group of cult followers making sure it never sunk. Now I have to watch it die for real. It almost feels like I'm a kid being forced to move away from all his old friends to a new city.
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    Although I have not touched the game for two years now, it's too bad the PSZ community will go down entirely now. I suppose Nintendo discontinuing online for DS games had to happen sometime.

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    Well, there's always local wireless multiplayer, so the game can live on with your friends. Maybe somewhere down the road, someone will figure out how to tunnel local wireless from the DS over the internet. Probably by the time everyone has forgotten about the game completely. Kinda like how everyone said the Wii would never be capable of getting online with PSO, and now that it is, no one plays anymore.
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    Time to learn how to rig a DS to use PS3 Ad-Hoc thingys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jooozek View Post
    PSZ isn't even on the list of affected games meaning it runs on SEGAC servers
    I feel like this post went overlooked by too many people. Does anyone know any more information about this? I assumed the whole service would be taken down, meaning the method of connecting to any servers at all. If it's just the matchmaking services being taken down then PSZ shouldn't be affected if it doesn't use Nintendo's servers.

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    This is a list of affected services and games, from Nintendo's UK site. I still wouldn't rule out the possibility of PSZ being affected though. It seems the list only has Nintendo related games.

    Here's the list from the AU site. Doesn't seem to be any different.
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