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    Default The Celestial Chronicles - Tricolor Story -

    Greetings one and all, come take a seat I have a story to tell. Well perhaps it is not just me who has this story, but rather it is a collective tale. The writings and thoughts of multiple individuals developing a story together form a bond stronger than text on a keyboard, or ink on a sheet.

    Anyway, the following tale is composed by the minds of:
    Horo the Wise Wolf
    and myself.

    Chapter List
    1. Introduction:
    2. Meeting Ms. Tingle:
    2-2. Meeting Ms. Tingle part II:
    Bonus A: Dinner Appointment:
    3. Extreme Tower:
    3-1. Extreme Tower B:
    4. Beach:
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    Chapter 1: Introduction

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    Chapter 2: Meeting Ms. Tingle

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    Chapter 2-2: Meeting Ms. Tingle part II
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    Bonus A: The Dinner Appointment

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    The story we've all been waiting for.

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    Lol I like this hopefully these stories will remain fun and enjoyable and wont get royally sloppy and too confusing or makes no sense to understand like this one group Im a part of.

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    Te fact that it has taken us like, 3-4 months of just getting this far hopefully will not come to this conclusion.

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    This doesn't sound right. I know your fanfic has other elements that don't match with this one. And Tingle is in her 40s. Is this a compromise? Fitting in your backstory with several others, in exchange for changing a few details?

    Anyway, I'm glad to finally get some details. I wish I had this when writing Captivating Madness.

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    20s is what I thought I wrote. And the juicy bit comes later.

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