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    Default Have times changed, have I grown up, or are we really going backwards? (rant/Blog)

    As a precursor to this societal rant / blog, I did this largely motivated by overwhelming stress and frustration, so I'll say beforehand perhaps I'm being unreasonable; however, I still felt it good to get my feelings off my chest.

    I realize most of the "old but gold" aren't around PSO-W, but I still consider it a substantially more reasonable community than a lot of other places.

    Bear in mind I only really do gaming journalism, so writing about general topics are totally out of my skillset. With that said, I wouldn't mind generating discussion or feedback off of this, and definitely wouldn't mind someone opening my eyes if they find me completely wrong.

    Anyway, with that said...


    When I was a teenager and people came to me for things, I used to be able to attack the problem at the core and be extremely honest and actually fix things rather than push them off and give temporary comfort with a pat on the back.

    What is wrong with the adults of this generation that you have to coddle, make people always feel they are the victims and it’s not their fault, and tell them they are perfect the way they are? Is this really the way we resolve things? What does it say about our generation that people come to people with problems and feel assaulted when given legitimate feedback? How are we going to excel if we just coddle everyone and tell them it’s just fine and just constantly point at others for blame?

    Are we to just constantly play the blame game and say it’s “always someone else’s fault” because it’s the easiest exit? Why is “being the best YOU you can be” a dead aspiration in this generation and we just settle and huddle in our comfort zones? Everyone’s just gotten so complacent that I feel I’ve grown up in the wrong area or time era.

    Our labels are completely and utterly fucked, and anything that could better a person but gives the recipient the slightest discomfort is a crime and the offender mislabeled a sociopath. Everyone withdraws into their own small-gated community, leaking whatever half-truths suits them internally to perpetually circlejerk in an environment where no one is technically right, but also cannot be invalidated.

    Perhaps life has gotten too easy. Perhaps “getting by” is much easier than people lead it on to be and we replicate problems and share stories of them just so we have some justification to our actions because we lead “tough” lives. After all, if you’re not working towards acquiring credentials and hitting goals, what better way to fit into society pressing you into tackling a struggle than fabricating one and exaggerating its significance?

    We’re so hard-pressed to be “dealing” with “the struggle” that we actually tackle things this way, and then when a meaningful one comes along, we don’t resolve anything. We just “deal”, push it to the side farther, and farther, and farther, until it haunts us until the very day we lie on a death bed.

    Is this really the society we want to become? One of constant instant gratification and perpetual procrastination on the true problems at hand? We can pretend an issue is resolved, but it will still linger, and we’re trading long-term prosperity, growth, and security for short term consolation and convenience. It’s really a damn shame, and as long as we sit in small cliques that only agree with what we agree with and refuse to open our minds to the world around us, we’ll be sitting in societal purgatory.

    I doubt this blog of mine will make a difference on any significant scale, but someone needs to speak up and not be chastised. Stop paying mind to hand-fed irrelevant issues like your favorite celebrity or what “some bitch said at work” and spend an hour of your day pushing towards a goal with some substance. It starts with being a better you, and then becoming a role model, and then spreading the word.

    The next time you’re going to run from a conversation or go rant to your buds about how someone was an asshole for what they said, consider the significance of that person and consider if they have honest, legitimate advice that can push you forward. If tools aren’t available to make you a better person, meld your life situations into one.

    But whatever you do, DON’T shut back into your little box, DON’T close your mind to outside ideas, and DON’T shove off responsibility and blame it on someone else. We may feel like we are connected to one another, but we aren’t. We’re shut off in our own cliques that make us comfortable, pointing fingers at other cliques in a never-ending proverbial and societal war.

    The temptation is greater than ever in this day and age to ignore problems and block people out of your life without giving them a second blink to consider what they might have to say is right, and you really do have some shit to sort out. We can avoid confrontation at all costs, block people on social media, ignore our texts, not answer the phone, you name it.

    But let’s not do that. Let’s consider that everything someone has to say, even it hurts your feelings, has some meaning to it and it’s coming from a human being too, not a monster. The term “no pain no gain” could never be more accurate, and it applies mentally as much as it does physically. Not every trait about yourself is something you want to hear, and it’s not always going to feel good to hear that. But ultimately, it’ll help you grow as a person if you absorb it and try to adapt around your flaws and work to fix them in every day life.

    Let’s come together and make a difference, understand and respect people even from outside groups, stop pretend we’re victim for every piece of feedback we get, grow some thick skin, come to term with our flaws and consider them lessons for growth, and build a better humanity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DreXxiN View Post
    I realize most of the "old but gold" aren't around PSO-W, but I still consider it a substantially more reasonable community than a lot of other places.
    I don't know who told you that, but PSOW is one of the most cliquiest, most "ignore other people you don't like" websites I've ever been to. People are 'shut out' around here constantly, for the most asinine reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG OLAF View Post
    I don't know who told you that, but PSOW is one of the most cliquiest, most "ignore other people you don't like" websites I've ever been to. People are 'shut out' around here constantly, for the most asinine reasons.
    I have been very inactive since the PSO2 launch, so I suppose that could be true. Still, the community I met that hung out here both in-game and on the forums during PSO-PSU's era seemed pretty chill.

    Oh well, if I posted this to the wrong place, so be it. :P
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    There's a lot I could say here, and I'm gonna kinda do something I don't usually do and just lay down all my initial thoughts instead of thinking it over for a day or two. Probably gonna be a jumbled stream of thoughts, but whatever.

    We are definitely living in more and more of an entitled, politically-correct generation. You've got the attitudes of the now-older "baby boomer" generation (sense of entitlement, sense of "well I didn't have this when I was growing up so fuck you") mixed in with "generation X" or "generation Y" or whatever the fuck people call the internet generation these days. Being a child of the 80s, I've been in a very interesting place because I grew up with generation Y right behind me, so I feel like I'm part of a generation that was the last of its kind. When I fucked up, my parents told me to straighten my shit out. When I got a bad grade at school, I got a lecture and I was given steps to help me improve. When I failed to achieve something, I was told I failed and I had to put forth the effort to earn it again. I'm not trying to be holier-than-thou by saying that, but those ideals just aren't mainstream anymore and I feel it's helping to create the society you have described. Nobody fails anymore, nobody is responsible for their own actions anymore, nobody has to earn what they have anymore, and god forbid you discipline anyone anymore without some prick having to make their voice heard about it.

    I feel like the internet has changed our society in ways we could never imagine. This is a device with literally limitless potential, an infinite reserve of knowledge and new ideas and social/scientific/cultural engineering....and what do most of us do with it? We create social media platforms so people can fight over whose voice is the loudest. We create comment boxes that are used to flame and troll behind a wall of anonymity. We think it's okay to say hurtful things to others because nobody has to be held responsible. Each year it gets worse, and it says a lot about where our society is going. Yes, technology is moving way too fast for us to adapt to it, as human beings. But behavior on this scale has to source from a deep, core ideal within first-world society, and the internet has helped expose just how ugly it is. I believe society has wanted to move toward this state for a long time, and now that it has the ability, it feels entitled to this.

    Another side-note, these people that think there's some kind of pride to being "busy". I am sick and fucking tired of everyone having to tell me how busy they are like it's some kind of competition, and having "free time" being frowned upon. None of us are as busy as we say, some of us nowhere even CLOSE to it. It's just a dumbass guilt-trip born out of self-doubt and a lack of a developed self-image and self-confidence. And that, I believe, is what this society lacks. Most people are spineless these days, devoid of former struggles that once made people strong. We are continuously giving birth to generations that are more and more pampered, and will soon grow up into our next world leaders. That's scary. It was bad enough that a lot of schools can't even give out failing grades anymore, now plenty of work sites have trouble firing shitty employees because of entire forests worth of paperwork and red tape that basically says "nuh uh, I'm special and I'm entitled to this job because you're a big meanie-face! Nyah-nyah!" and it makes me want to vomit profusely. It's all about ME ME ME and whoever can scream and cry the loudest usually gets what they want.

    The problem with society is innate to human beings themselves: greed, selfishness, fear. I'm not a religious person, but someone was on their fucking game when they came up with the seven deadly sins. They've always been there, they just keep gaining more power every year.

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    Well said, Chel. That's actually pretty good insight from someone that was born before my decade. I know I can always rely on you to have a solid conversation with.
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    I'm part of the "Millennial" generation (currently a senior in highschool), but I would have to agree with both OP and Coco. It seems to me that people are much happier settling and stagnating because its "good enough" for them. They have no goals to strive towards, no stepping stones to attempt the jump towards and to me that's...well, mind boggling. When confronted with the reality that yeah, you could do better, nobody bothers to try because what they have is already "good enough". I'm not saying that being happy with what you've got is bad at all, but striving to expand/improve oneself in even little ways is something I don't see in my peers all that often. Then again, I am also in Utah where plenty of upper-middle-class white kids are totally happy at the prospect of living off of their parents' money for the rest of their lives, so my context may not hold much water.

    Maybe it is due to the way I was raised where if I got a bad grade I was told to get my shit together because my parents knew I could do better. When I finally got that grade up they would praise me, but also remind me that I still could be doing better. So I worked for it and did. That's how it is/was with any and everything in my life.
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    As a man with no real goals in life, I often find myself playing the philosopher and trying to observe patterns in society... and I think ours is peaking out fast. The internet is something amazing that keeps us all connected, but at the same time it has brought out the stupid in us big time. I could go on ranting and pointing out specifics, but it won't change anything.

    There are 3 ways to deal with any problem in life. Fight it, flow with it or deal with it. I personally see no war that can be won here, but I'll kill myself before I give in to the bullshit that our society has become. So I guess the best course for me to take here is the course of indifference.
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    “Our youth now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for their elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents, chatter before company; gobble up their food and tyrannize their teachers.” ~ Socrates

    So no, things aren't going backwards. Shits been going on like this since the dawn of man, and the clear trend has been that we just keep progressing and getting smarter, more productive, more civil, and less violent despite how horrible the continual moment always seems. We're still pretty greedy and selfish as fuck though, but that's a cornerstone of capitalism and if there's one clear force responsible for building human civilization and keeping things peaceful, it's commerce.

    And as for the internet, it's just made the stupid more visible and accessible. But it's also made the smart much more visible and accessible too. That the stupid is far louder and more frequent is absolutely nothing new. At least these days you don't get beheaded, burned, or exiled for speaking out against the stupid.

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    It's fucked up when you have no money to go to school and can't find a job to get the money to go to school and your whole family doesn't want to help you do anything. They just expect you to know what you need to do and for it to just kind of happen. Hahahahahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussei View Post
    It's fucked up when you have no money to go to school and can't find a job to get the money to go to school and your whole family doesn't want to help you do anything. They just expect you to know what you need to do and for it to just kind of happen. Hahahahahaha
    Yeah, I been down that road. It sucks.

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