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    Default PSO/PSU clothing.

    I've had a thought.

    A friend of mine runs her own business with her sister and her partner, called GameTee (

    She has a Masters in Illustration and she has turned her hand to design aswell. The business has been going strong for its first year, and I spoke to her last week in regards to doing some PSO/PSU inspired designs for her next range.

    But this is something I feel I cannot do alone. She asked for the following:

    What is it about the game that keeps people coming back for more?
    What are the graphics like? Are the newer games better than the old ones, dating back to even the the original Phantasy Star's?
    What elements of the games attracts you most?
    What images remind you of the franchise?

    Things like this will help her in her ability to design something for the PSO community. Having several of her wares, I can guarantee that are great quality, and hard wearing. Feel free to look on the website and have a look.

    Any and all idea's would be welcome, and I can then show her this threat, and see what she can come up with.


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    I think this would be proper for fan works section wouldn't it? but that doesn't matters.

    I'm questioning (since I'm going to illustration as well): Is she doing designs strait off from the games? <would really want to avoid that because copyrights> or is she doing something like a fanart design onto shirts?

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    Copying clothing designs from the games is a bad idea, since they vary from bland to awful, more so of the latter in later installments.

    Of all the clothes that came out of PS games after 2000, I can only maybe imagine Ethan Waber's threads on an adequate human being. And that's because it's just a hoodie, pants and sneakers, and even then, it's a huge "maybe", since you can't expect a videogame designer to not add idiotic features like bubble shoulders, oversized sleeves and... are those green things belts or something?

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    Um idk if you got what he's trying to propose.

    He was trying to ask about designs, as in pictures on clothes and not literally the real clothes from the games. (both cases I worry about because copyrights)

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    Strikehunter, you kinda got it.

    I'm asking for ideas. She uses images to inspire her own designs. There is no copyright issues at all. Take a look at her website, and her Tee's, Hoodies, etc. You'll see what I'm on about. Look at everything on the website, and you will see things like Pokemon, FFVII, Bioshock, and many others.

    She has said to me she would like to a online game, and I suggested PSO/PSU/PS? but she needs the ideas behind it. She isn't a plagiarist, she would hate the idea.

    Seriously guys, have a think. And look at the website, see what ideas she's had regarding other lines. Even look at her artwork on the site.

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    Her artwork is beautiful. It's not about copying images guys she makes fanwork. I really think the races the default characters really capture the image of phantasy star series. Like the default ones you see in the PSO2 opening movies. The Rappies are important to the series, all the different holiday rappies they've had are awesome. The strange letter language they use has captured the fans they like to decipher it, or you'll see it used in their artwork as well.

    Certain bosses and NPCs like red ring rico, dark falz, olga flow, etc...

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    I if had pictures, I would have suggested the glowing lines that appear on your clothes when you equip certain armors.

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    I think PSU/PSO is far too niche of a market at this point for her to take seriously. 10 years ago, maybe, but not now. It wouldn't generate the kinds of returns necessary to justify the time which could have been spent designing and publishing for more popular/visible online series. Especially if her sales/advertising come primarily from N. America/Europe.
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