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    I?m starting to get a bit frustrated with the whole rare item deal. In the past two days a have found 80+ special items (on V-Hard), not to mention how many I have acquired through out the past month (tons of them). I usually get them tekked with the same ass Tekker that gives me the same crap (Varistas & DBs), time after time. Has anyone tried saving collected specials then getting them tekked on another player?s game? Does or could it work for a better chance at obtaining better tekks (weapons)? Pointers and advice are welcome, thanks in advance?


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    From what I understand, each Tekker has their own speciality. In the offline game, your Tekker is infalible, since you don't get a choice. However, in online games, it's random (or based on who created the game, not sure).

    I kind of always assumed that the Tekker speciality only applied to 'normal' weapons (????Weapon) and not Special Weapons, but now that you mention it, I don't see why it wouldn't continue there.

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    If you get Varista and db saber too much for a while, you 'll recognize them by looking at the SPECIAL WEAPON's stats. Also, you can equip them to see what they are. You won't change what are they gonna be by different Tekker.

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    Rares are determine at the time they are dropped, not at your Tekker. You can try this next time. Find a Special Weapon, and try to equip it without being identified. You pretty much tell what it is while still in the fields.

    Tekker simply "unlock" the photon efficiency and the grind bonus.

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    Thanks to all for the quick responses. Ever point given has been taken in to consideration. I will continue to spend many more sleepless moons in front of my 32? hoping the next special will be that rare gun or shotgun that I have relentlessly been scavenging for. I guess that is why Sonic Team called them ?Rares?? Or maybe they should have called them ?Impossibles??LOL!

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