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    Yup. Tetra is what makes it all happen, that chip is pretty god-tier due to its effect (the gist of it is, its doing damage multiplying using raw attack power, before any enemy defense can be applied). I switched over to Gunslash, lowered my loadout score to 4.4m, but was still able to Autobattle a 5x XH trigger, and clear it with a good 30 seconds left on the timer. (TBH scoring doesn't really matter, since it also takes HP and CP gains into account, and even effects like all attacks are considered JA, which isn't paramount to your actual damage output)

    Now I want to see what it can do with Meteor Fist!

    Edit: Coincidentally after posting this I found the Aletia knuckles.
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    I found the aletheia gunslash; now I have the ultimate power........ (because gunslash max grind ups use any 300 class cubes; not like the say the rifle ones that needs 300 of a single class cube type)

    I've been trying to leave some HP on my 5xs just to feed my friends the kill so we can all get more bonus box points to roll more sh triggers and hopefully just like; get enough points to roll 25 of them. but I keep getting blue-orb-texter'd by Error 313... I dont care if im late to the party just let me participate anyway ;A;

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    what are yall talking about a new chip or new weapon please explain thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by diamondx View Post
    what are yall talking about a new chip or new weapon please explain thanks in advance
    tl;dr The new Tetra chip is very very busted. Between it and the new Auto-battle, we've been able to let the auto-battle clear out x5 trigger fights.

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    what does the new tetra chip look like and where do i get it at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diamondx View Post
    what does the new tetra chip look like and where do i get it at?
    From the new scratch.

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    what is the best weapon to use with this tetra chip yall?

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    How does the experience sharer work yall on pso2ES, I have 24,000,000 experience points on my gunner on pso2 shared how can i use that to level up my gunner on pso2ES? thanks in advance.

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    There are 2 ways to share experience:

    i) Experience earned in PSO2es transferred to PSO2: You select the percentage of total exp that each class will get.
    Let's suppose that you have set 20% Hunter, 50% Fighter, 30% Braver and everything else 0%. This means that if you earn 1,000,000 exp in PSO2es, then the next time you log in PSO2 Hunter will get 200.000exp, Fighter will get 500.000exp and Braver will get 300.000exp

    ii) Experience earned in PSO2 transferred to PSO2es: Exactly the same logic, except there are less classes (because they do not exist in PSO2es) and you also have the option to convert into excubes instead.
    This is a great way to level classes in PSO2es since the exp earned in PSO2 is significantly more.
    If you select to convert into excubes, the rate is about 1 excube per 1.000.000exp transferred from PSO2. Converting into excubes is the only option left anyway when you max all classes in PSO2es.

    I missed the question, my bad.
    So basically, to level Gunner in PSO2es, you have to go the bottom panel (PSO2 -> PSO2es), and dump 100% into Gunner there.
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    what is the popular weapon people are using on pso2es yall?

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