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    Default ARKS INSIDER Presents - Project Realta Nua Reshade Preset R2 for PSO2 JP & US Client

    R1 Installation Tutorial Guide:

    PRNRP R1 In-game Demo Video:

    Download Link of R2 Preset (RESHADE ONLY):

    Presets of Low, Medium, High Prefers to the quality of the Ray Tracing in-game. Set it according to the visuals and performance where you are satisfied.

    LOW - FPS 100+ - Very Grainy Ray Tracing (Orignally R1 Preset)
    MEDIUM - FPS 80+ - Slight Less Grainy Ray Tracing
    HIGH - FPS 60+ - Almost completely no Grainy Ray Tracing

    NOTE: Benchmark rated on Forest Area 2 of Naberius with a GTX 1660 TI, depending on your Graphics Card - your mileage may vary. If your GPU is a higher model than mine, then yours will perform better.

    WARNING: This preset is only for ReShade v4.7.0 and above, GSHADE is not supported.

    In-game Settings:
    Camera Lighting: 100% - this preset is meant for maximum Camera Lighting

    GPU Control Panel:
    All Default except for Vsync/Triple Buffering to OFF (ON if you have Screen Tearing or just use Freesync/GSYNC if your Monitor supports it).

    1. Make sure your PSO2 Client is not installed on Drive C (System Boot Drive where your Windows OS is located).
    2. Make sure the pso2_bin folder and its entire content went under "Take Ownership" Privileges to avoid in-game problems.
    3. Make sure you update, and launch PSO2 Client using PSO2 Tweaker from now on (original PSO2 Launcher will not launch if it detects Reshade).

    Frequent Updates on martymcmodding are on their official GitHub Website.

    This preset requires ReShade v4.7.0 (RTGI is no longer working with GShade, might change on the next update)

    Support the RT Shader Development Team via the official Patreon Page:

    My official PSO2 Facebook Group
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    I don't get it, this thing makes the game darker?
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    Oh my gawd , I can finally Ray Trace with AMD while playing PSO2? Thanks a bunch mate.
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    this preset is ass and the RTGI shader isn't even real RT, it acts like a regular bloom but it freeze your game like 15 seconds when turning it on lmao

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    Upcoming Changes on the next release.

    Screenshot Gallery:

    - Color Palette Completely Overhauled, still vibrant and colorful, but places like Forest will actually looked like a Forest Inhabitant of dangerous Animals and enemies.

    - Ray Tracing Reflections are enabled again, this time totally tweaked and fixed, should no longer cause to make characters cast unnecessary shadow-like reflections in camera angles its not suppose to.

    - Tundra snow will remain to look like a pile of snow, and sands of Vopal Coasts will remain to look a pile of sands no matter what time and weather it is.

    - Color curve for black and shadows has been changed drastically, making all cosmetics in black material's exposure still visible to the naked eye.

    - User Interface like inventory should now be more visible due to change with the hue, exposure and saturation of the blue/aqua sliders in the lightroom fx.

    - Ambient Occlusion has been tweaked further (spread, double layer, normal bias, and amount) without making your character look like covered with dirt unlike the first release.

    - Another notable change with the color palette in the 1st Revision, Red-colored HUDs, effects and items will have its color more pop-out compared to before making it more easy to see things. This change is also present in the US Client if PRNRP is used.
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    PRNRP Revision 1 Progress (Day 2)

    During my time tweaking the Color Palette, I've noticed SEGA has excessively used the BLUE TINT over RGB.

    I removed this, and still makes Blue still Blue, but this definitely benefits the game a lot making the other colors really pop out.

    So far, I'm pretty close to the Color Palette that Akikazu Mizuno's color template on how the Original Posters were illustrated (namely EPISODES 1, 2, and 3 color palette).

    Further tweaking is needed as I'm going to all fields as I tweak the color palette before declaring its finished.

    Will see how all this thing goes.
    [SHIP09 - Hagall] キャメロット - セイバー (Saber) || ダージリン (Darjeeling) || ミュセル・フォアラン (Myucel Foaran).

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    Screenshot Gallery:

    Day 2 Progress - Playing around the Skin Tone with different lighting and ambience, so far good. Almost matches what Akikazu Mizuno's Color Palette does with her official posters for the PSO2 Cover Arts especially used on the Deluxe Packages.

    Thinking of disabling the real-time reflection again as the current GGX BRDF Material Shader that allows Ray Traced Reflections isn't perfect where the bouncing light reveals the low poly on the bodies of the characters especially on the torsos with unveiled skin parts.

    Using Lambert Diffuse instead of the GGX BRDF Shader Material (which only makes light sources reflects on other surfaces instead of real-time reflections, fixes the issue with bodies looking low poly.

    Right now until GGX BRDF will add support to smoothen its light projection according to the normal material used on the body, its not worth it. Hoping for the day it will come soon since MXAO has been supporting the smoothening according to normals for quite awhile now and this is nothing any of a difference (previous builds of RTGI a year ago supported it, makes me wonder why the function was removed on the first place?).

    Lambert Diffuse (RTGI Feature):

    GGX BRDF (RTGI Feature):

    Found a workaround with the GGX BRDF Material which will let me keep the Real-Time Ray Traced Reflections, its not perfect but it gets the job done with hiding the low polycount with the lower torso.

    By the way this does not affect costumes or layer wears that hides the legs anyways, only cosmetics that does unveils your waifu's legs are affected by this issue with RTGI.

    I'm making good progress here so far.

    GGX BRDF Workaround Fix on hiding much of the lower torso low poly count:

    Anneliese's Skin Tone (Normal Lobby Lighting Ambience):

    Anneliese's Skin Tone (Emergency Lobby Lighting Ambience):

    Anneliese's Skin Tone (Lobby Lighting Ambience Both PRNRP):
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    PRNRP R1 Day 4 progress

    Satisified, its not perfect but it has more something to do with the current limitations of RTGI with its current state on v0.13 BETA.

    Despite the issues with Ray Tracing Unveiling the low polycounts with the lower torso, it only happens in places where there's alot of white textures (such as Tundra), but everything else is almost picture perfect.

    Definitely captured what Akikazu Mizuno's color palette this time, I'm really amazed on what the Lightroom and Clarity combined can do with the visuals.

    I'm going to make another preset - but this time based on Tier 5, if that results on a much more higher FPS while retaining the visuals I did with Tier 6, I will definitely release it.

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    [SHIP09 - Hagall] キャメロット - セイバー (Saber) || ダージリン (Darjeeling) || ミュセル・フォアラン (Myucel Foaran).

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    PRNRP R1 is now up for download.
    [SHIP09 - Hagall] キャメロット - セイバー (Saber) || ダージリン (Darjeeling) || ミュセル・フォアラン (Myucel Foaran).

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    Some Freecam Screenshots using PRNRP R1:
    [SHIP09 - Hagall] キャメロット - セイバー (Saber) || ダージリン (Darjeeling) || ミュセル・フォアラン (Myucel Foaran).

    ARKS INSIDER Facebook Group:

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