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    Just got a Gal Wind chip on the character that has my Psycho Wand chip, is it redundant to have both there for CP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheszNuts View Post
    Just got a Gal Wind chip on the character that has my Psycho Wand chip, is it redundant to have both there for CP?
    1. Gal wind is a junky chip unless you have nothing better. For example: maybe you need him for a wind loadout.
    2. It's almost never a good idea to use two chips from the same frame unless you have no choice.

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    Ideal? neat.

    EQ this week?
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    I hope Madame Umbrella got a good ex skill

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    It appears that the collect file search option will not work with an files that have expired. I have Gix weaponry files that I can continue to work on when on PC, but you will immediately error out if you try to use the search for expired files. Search worked fine with the Astra series files.

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    I had heard about that earlier. I thought it was a pretty poor design move, simply because the main benefit of such a function would be to allow you to finish off one last file and then to use a trigger to complete the eq limited goal, Probably the most insulting part is that they showed a file that for most people would've been unobtainable (but still acceptable from Purin) by that point, resulting in the misinformation that it would work on files that were 'expired'.

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    That's...disappointing, to say the least.

    Also, doesn't seem like there is much worth scratching for this time around? Kind of a relief after Xmas Annette and New Years Jene. lol

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    Quite so, this weeks scratch is lackluster, which is good because I need to save medals. Unrelated, I scratched 35k fun in order to get facet folia 6 on a character who didn't have it, and compared it almost to elder rebellion 10/ex. It's on par if not stronger than ER10.

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