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    The rates for getting the Serafi chip is awful, I scratched all 12 of my characters medals, 1 had 190, 2 had over 100, 1 had 90, and the rest all had 57, and out of all 12 characters I didn't get one single Serafi chip lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Atmius View Post
    Actually the only boss/form that's been immune to poison thus far of all the es eqs is exclusively 3* crys draal. Every variant of every other boss (including crys draal non 3*) is susceptible to poison.
    Wasn't the rare Snow Banther immune to poison, as well?

    It seems like the bosses are simply immune to whatever status effect their attacks can apply.

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    One important thing you should consider when you decide on your main slot is whether or not it will benefit your friend list. I'll take an extreme example for this. A PA chip provides one of the highest special slot bonuses but using one makes you a terrible friend because no one else benefits from it. While Saga does provide a slightly bigger boost than having main slot anniversary chip, not everyone's loadout caters to saga so it can be a worse option. You should use a chip that benefit not only you but most of your FL and the best chip to main depends on the eq as well as what's already available in your friend pool. If you have a super rare chip, you should definitely share it over something common like Marlu instead of keeping it for yourself. Being generally useful as a friend means people are more likely to help you when you just missed that large draal one pass or something. That said, the best chip to main in descending order is: (Spoiler Tag because it's a bit TL; DR)

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    EQ is live tilll 23:59 JST
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    Another great opportunity wasted by sega. No frags drop from this eq, meaning the aseraphy chip has effectively no real benefit outside of the 'usual'.

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    PSO2es down now?
    I just play a few EQ few minutes ago, got kicked from the game and unable to login anymore now.
    Edit: looks like everything running again now

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    I didn't get any aniversary chips from the scratch, but I did get a Katori chip for my gunner, which feels delightfully broken for how it can keep anything that's not immune to panic perpetually unable to attack.

    Also pairs excellently with the Saga chip.

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    Oh wow sega, it gets better yet:
    Summary: "We dun goofed, all the stage 5 bonus scratch weapons we listed actually have the 'fast learner' es special ability, not the 'element resonance' as was written before. We've fixed that typo now, so have 2 OP recharges as an apology".

    So now ontop of not having the eq drop chip frags, they gave us a set of weapons that were supposed to have element resonance (db's, wand+launcher already has a fast learner es weapon) but dont.

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    800 medals = 0 Serapy, 1 Aki (very-very good with Saga on Cat), 0 Sara, finaly got Io-A , still need Lisa-S for full set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atmius View Post
    Another great opportunity wasted by sega. No frags drop from this eq, meaning the aseraphy chip has effectively no real benefit outside of the 'usual'.
    yes seraphy anniv is pretty much crap actually, but somehow with the discount in recycle shop the innate double drop for 2 weeks is kinda too good to be passed... unless you don't aim for more cube/ 11-pass

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