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    Default Quick question about PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 EPISODE 2 [DELUXE PACKAGE] Vita

    So a long time ago I bought my friend and I PSO2 vita so we could play when not near computers. She only has a 8gb mem stick for her vita and overtime the PSO2 updates ate up all her memory and she cant update the game anymore.

    I was wondering if the PSO2 E2 vita edition came preloaded with more updates (assuming up to episode 2) so she could play again and delete the old updates off the vita. And if this is the case is it worth buying that for her or just getting a 32 or 64GB vita card instead.

    Thanks in advance for any information.

    EDIT: not sure if I accidentally switched out of the PSO2 section before posting, if this is in the wrong section admins please don't hesitate to move it and sorry if it is.
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    I can't confirm if you'll need to upgrade, but she will most likely need to upgrade to a 16GB/32GB memory card at some point as these updates have long surpassed the 8GB minimum requirement. The cartridge itself should only have the base minimum of episode 2 updates and will most likely require an update regardless to download the additional content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AIDA View Post
    Yeah, episode 2 comes with updates up to episode 2. So she *should* be able to use her 8GB stick if you buy the physical cartridge.

    I'd wait for someone else to confirm it too before ordering, though.
    Thanks for the reply, and a HUGE thanks for all the pso2 contributions you have made for the community!

    EDIT:@blace, Yeah I know a storage upgrade is probably the best option as it will just be reoccurring theme of getting filled up. Thanks to you as well.

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    Looking around on the net, the Vita cartridge can hold up to(if not more) 8GB, so it'll probably be an easier solution to get a larger memory card even if the bulk of these updates are costumes.
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