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    Cool PSO2 cameo in the anime Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin

    I just cannot believe what i saw on this ongoing.


    IDK what you think about and what Sega's thinking about this (copyright issue ?) but i think it awesome to put a cameo for getting more player. XD Please share you though guys. ^_^
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    The, uhh, producer of this, uhh, anime thing used SEGA's livestream to advertise its, uhh, TV show.

    I don't see anything wrong here.

    This thread is useless.

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    I saw someone say that it also appeared in episode 1 of No Game No Life, but I didn't notice it anywhere.

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    Haha nice find dude (._.) b
    who am i....? *tosses card to* find out.

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    Isn't that anime being promoted in pso2 screens since the previous update? Also Virtua Fighter :P

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    should of cameo'd a good game

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    i just watch it , did she turn on or off the tv but then it show on desktop pc

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    She turned the TV off. Her PC was on all the time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyron Tanryoku View Post
    should of cameo'd a good game
    Aside from PSO2 they also cameo'd Tekken and Terraria.
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    I doubt it's a copyright issue... I mean they should be glad to have a cameo. xD They might even have agreed to it beforehand, who knows.
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    Duh, they obviously collaborated. It's just that there is no point in making a big announcement over it. PSO2 shows the PV on the plaza screen while the anime itself shows a few frames where one of the main characters play it, it's a fair trade. Funny fact: Nanana is a NEET, she plays a Braver in the screen. NEET class.

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