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    Default Slicer build character

    What would be the best class for a slicer build character?

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    You know, as one who seems perpetually in IDs that find slicers, I so rarely use them XD

    In terms of class... maybe one with good ATA/ATP spread. As for slicers... Slicer of Fanatic is fun, I've heard. And a Hit% Slicer of Assassin can insta-kill. But not too sure.

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    I was thinking playing a Hunewrel or a Ramarl. But willing to role up some sort of cast as well

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    HUcaseals have the best ATA of all of the hunters, and slicers are typically oriented towards hunters. IIRC they've also got the better slicer animation too.

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    Slicer of Fanatic GREAT for all hunter specially when your low lvl and they are great for multiple and there very good when you don't have anything else like wide open attacker weapon or if you don't have long range weapon like the master raven or lk38 in your hands

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    Only one problem: I'm not playing PSOBB. (PSOGC)

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    Approaching it from the other side: with my Hucaseal I use a slicer (Rainbow Baton) all the time, but I rarely use any slicers with my Ramarl or Huney. The first has a much better option for crowd control in Needles, the latter.. I don't really know why I don't like using slicers, so maybe it does have something to do with the animation.

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    Slicers are stand-back-ish, distance weapons. You clump things up and toss them over and over, kind of like a shot you prefer to use on clustered groups, or a sword you use at a distance.

    Unfortunately, male animations move you forward quite a bit, but the female ones are much better for slicers since they don't move you forward much at all.

    HUcaseals also offer traps, which combo well with slicers. Set, step back, wait - or even fling a slicer out, and they will be able to set off your traps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazyleo View Post
    What would be the best class for a slicer build character?
    standard 45l rest pow, dparts/sparts armor combo
    mag 5/130/65/0

    g/b g/p g/arm g/arm most of the game

    endgame post ATA max switch to
    g/b g/p g/p g/arm

    then after atp maxes w/o 2 g/p switch to
    g/b g/p g/a xx for the rest of the game

    @ lvl 200 switch to the following setup
    for 2 free slots. this is the optimal build, you will go through two mags total on your journey to 200. at the end you wear only g/p and g/b

    you should be able to shs /sns glitch and sss the entire game with this using dob / cdiska w/ 40hit or higher, but ideally your hit minimum should be 50, 60 for whatever percents are on n and d once you sphere so monkeys and deldepths and ill gills are more consistent.

    you can combo kill most mobs in the game with this setup.

    this is the only viable huct build in that game btw
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    Yeah, HUcast is pretty much the best at using any weapon he can equip... unless it's a spirit/demons weapon (and arrest/hell I guess).

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