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    Default wireless xbox controller not working

    I know this might be me just being an idiot, but i bought my reciver and xbox 360 controller wireless and everything but PSO2 works on it, PSO2 doesnt even act like i even have a controller installed, does anybody know the answer to this hopefully someone can help ,me

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    maybe your software didn't install properly. try unplugging and plugging it back see if your PC picks it up. if not then it's your USB port try putting it into another USB port. I'm using mine just fine btw I also use the wireless Xbox 360 controller

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    ps3 controllers + better ds3 > xbox controller, trade it in!

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    ummm.. how is that helping his situation Silver fox?

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    well id do the folowing to troubleshoot this matter.

    Update direct x
    update gfx card driver
    update audio card driver
    then reinstall controller software
    go to controller options and check if windows is detecting the controller properly
    if yes go to the game with your controller already plugged in, and start the controller setup ingame.

    gl and i hope you can fix it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Crow View Post
    ps3 controllers + better ds3 > xbox controller, trade it in!
    yes but i guess hes already used to the 360 shape, i myself prefer logitech over ps3 "because of the profiler and analog precision(and its a 8 year old controller take that sony)"

    also is the reciever and controller oficial?
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    Wireless 360 controllers work on the PC? Sadly, I can't help much, as I thought they needed to be wired to be able to work with a PC.

    Unless that receiver is new, usually the hook ups going to a wireless act as a charger for the battery pack, and don't send any actual data to the controller, making it so they do not work with a PC.

    Have you tried what Gama suggested? Also, if you're running an old OS, (Like, XP) They didn't come with drivers to recognize 360 controllers, you'd have to download that from Microsoft.

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    For all of you non believers.

    Now, the first thing to note is that PSO2 is only going to read what the system sees as the first controller connected to the system. If you have virtual controllers for whatever reason than you'll have to mess with those.

    You can view what your computer is reading here:

    And no I do not know why PSO2 doesn't let you select which controller you want to get input from like a lot of games. On the plus side, it totally can pick up your controller if you plug it in while its running (y u no do dis Valve!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noc Codez View Post
    ummm.. how is that helping his situation Silver fox?
    I used to use an Xbox360 controller, you do know that Xinput puts your analog triggers on the same axis? Meaning if you use both trigger at the same time you will ZERO the input, that's game breaking. Get used to PS3 layout, you can use the D Pad at the same time as Left Stick, which is really important in pso2. You can't do that on Xbox360. PS3 controller is 10x more comfortable, you can really push yourself to the limit with it, for example

    invest in ps3 controller, use better ds3 and connect via bluetooth if you want wireless, /thread

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    Aside from Gama's troubleshooting tips, I'd make sure the controller is on and synched before booting PSO2. PSO2 alos has a calibration menu somewhere in it i think which should help you test wether it works or not. Also, i suggest rebooting your machine after installing the pad+^_^+ been using a wireless 360 pad since Open beta way back without any issues+^_^+ at silver crow, i don't see how two triggers sharing an axis breaks PSO2...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIDA View Post
    Uh, I do this all the time with my 360 controller. I run while moving through my item lists all the time. What you said is definitely not true.

    Personally, I prefer 360 controllers over PS3 because the triggers are nicer. It's not a huge deal, just a tiny personal issue. However, I've yet to try the PS4 controllers, I've heard that they solved the trigger issue. I have both the PS3 and 360 controllers, and use the PS3 controller downstairs with my laptop, and the 360 one with my desktop PC.
    well you can if you hit auto run, or you're saying you use your index finger to control left stick whilst using thumbs on dpad? ionno, I feel like keeping thumbs on sticks is more accurate, and the xbox has a notoriously sucky dpad, on ps3 layout you curl your index to the dpad, which hurts like hell until you get used to it. I got used to it on Monster Hunter games, on the PSP and PS2 so it feels natural, at least to me.

    and yeah, if you like Xbox triggers then Dualshock4 is for you, personally I tried a DS4 in store and compared it to my ps3, I absolutely hate the ergonomic design, I prefer the hand strain from using a ps3 controller than using such ionno what's the word, just felt so small, I like my oversized sticks and triggers, matter of preference I guess but any form of Xbox controller I hate, I really hate having sticks above dpad and it feels so bloated.

    I guess I shouldn't enforce my opinion, but I do feel strongly about it, I can't see people being able to use the dpad as well as you can on a ps3 *shrugs*
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