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    Thumbs up PSP2 for the Vita - Not my personal army

    First i would like to state why i decided to make this thread for those who don't want to read the boring parts.

    It is a desire of mine to give sega some money using the PSN so that i can play PSP2 on the vita.
    To do so however, will take more than one voice with such a desire or even the desire to simply use their digital copy on said device.

    We can achieve this by the contact information of submitting a help ticket in direct reference to this issue.

    or here: 1 (800) 872-7342 <<sega customer service # voice mail only and hope for response

    >>>And now fair warning is the boring part.

    I once saw that there was a slate of PSO2 coming to the US and that it was going to be available on the vita this thrilled me as i had at the time longed to play this franchise again. At the time the last of Phantasy Star online that i had play was on the dreamcast and a short duration on BlueBurst. In a hasty decision I purchased a Vita and started to download a copy of PSO2 for the open Beta. After some time not long mind you i had read somewhere about psp2 for the psp and figuring that the vita has a psp emulation ability i looked scoured and searched my butt off to find it. Then i came across the information that it was available to digital download but only on the psp and had be removed from the PSN. That being said I recently noticed the "bug" as it was specified by Playstation probably for legality issues, where as this game was available on the vita for download if you had purchased a digital copy. That all being said I have had the chance to play psp2 and rather enjoyed it, but i miss the community i had when on the dreamcast tbh. I think this game would be nice addition to the PSP emulation on the vita and would help bide the time of waiting for PSO2 to come to the states. Played PSO2 for more time than i was intending but rather enjoyed it as well. Until it comes to the states they will not get a penny from me for it though. Now back on topic after seing the digital information for available download i did what most here would and tried to get a copy any way i could. After so doing no game and no response about it only to find it being available as a glitch. So i try sega and playstion communication and of cousre help ticket with sega did nothing but get the same response about speculation and them pretty much saying that they don't want my money. This being said i know that the representatives job in the regard is to shut me down and leave the decisions of such to Sega of America, but i find i do not wish to sit still on this. My communication with the PSN guy however gave some insight. It will be up to sega to not only release this again but also to release this for digital on the vita and for purchase (last know price $20 usc). The PSN guy could not contact sega nor would he go further up the latter as is part of his job considering he is a supervisor. He did mention the phone number i provided and unfortunately found on my own as well, but he mentioned that maybe the others that have the same desire as my self could communicate this desire. He mentioned that the more voices the more of a chance to be heard. So i am not asking anyone to spam or be hateful but just to professionally express to sega you desire to give them money for their product and on the device which is capable of running PSP2 or the desire for access to that which you have already financially implicated. I not only believe it is possible but hold this in high hopes.

    >>I would like to take this moment to say sorry for any grammar issues or spelling and well as the way i communicate.

    That being said; i like to do nothing as much as the next guy, and i like to sit back a see what others might do towards a common goal as much as well, but i find myself not wanting too be idle when it comes to this issue, and i hope that if anyone reading this feels the same that we can voice our thoughts towards sega and maybe have a movement that will initiate a response towards this goal.

    >>Thank you all who will or have tried this. If already tried maybe one last attempt might help do the trick. i figure if we can all try around the same time we can create a singular voice to provide insight and help the people whom want access.

    So again thanks and thanks for the time taken to read this and the patience, and hopefully this will become fruitful rather than frivolous.

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    You do realize that you posted this in Phantasy Star Portable and not the PSO2 board right?

    You also realize that PSP2 is an actual game on the PSP.

    Now, without a proper release of the game on PC for PSO2, I do doubt that they will ever localize the handheld version without the original PC version.

    Edit: Skimmed through the clutter. OK so you want PSP2 on Vita, the game doesn't really work that well on the system even when it was temporarily available to download to the Vita.

    If you would to get their attention you'll also need to contact their main branch in Japan as PSP2i is the same.
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    What are you referencing when you say it doesn't work well on Vita?
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    The game crashes on me and this is when it was temporarily available to download from PSN.
    Interested in playing PSP2i without starting over? Click here to get started or look here for people converting saves.

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    Well that sucks... I wonder why Vita hates PSPo so much...
    Aki on GC PSO, PS2 PSU: AotI, and PSP2i.

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    Sony did a mistake month ago. they unlock the psn store list for it i was able to get it download before they close the gate

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