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    Thanks Norco for this thread! R.I.P PSZ forever. You served to entertain us for hours on end.

    @ Doc

    I know nothing of the cost for such hardware, and for most (like me), all of it isn't worth it, but I assume w/o friend codes, it will be impossible to 'meet up' with a friend online anyway? If that's the case, then "Free PLay" is the only option? Nick and I did this when the Friend-play wasn't working, so it's not impossible - both simply need do Free play at the same time, while being roughly in the same region.

    As for the technical stuff, I've generally not done the rom dumping myself, but the software 'black magic' isn't that bad at all. For the fanboys on here, I'm sure a few minutes of it won't turn them off.

    EDIT: Okay, lol, so I missed the point. The patch is the problem, either AR (which has no code for PSZ) or a custom patch to remove the SSL to allow it to connect to your network/server for online play still. So yeah, that's a bit of a turn off, lol...
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    Quote Originally Posted by anonymousmii View Post
    but I assume w/o friend codes, it will be impossible to 'meet up' with a friend online anyway? If that's the case, then "Free PLay" is the only option?
    No, see, our current Friend Codes won't work. From what I understand, the new server would have to give us new FCs after we delete our official WFC profiles.

    EDIT: One thing that has me worried is that apparently, the Japanese version of this game is not listed as being a supported game for this server. It's worrying because some well known players around here use the Japanese version. If they didn't get the data needed when they had to, then the JP players may never be able to access online again.
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    Just played on Free Play some more, so I can't give my final farewells yet!

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    Four and a half years since I got this game. Hundreds of hours, thousands of runs. good times all. I'm really gonna miss doing this with you guys. Maybe someday, there'll be another Phantasy Star for 3DS or Wii-U, and we can all meet up again. Until then, fare thee well...
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    The only hardware you need is fairly cheap, just any method of making and playing backups of your cartridges. I don't want to get too much into specifics because rules and whatnot, but I think most of you know what I mean.

    And about the Friend Codes, yes, it will assign you a new friend code as if you've switched to a new console. I did a little testing last night, and it is totally playable. I'm kinda curious to try out some other DS games, but I guess a lot of them are still pretty buggy.

    It's cool that I'll still be able to play with a few of my close friends, but currently it's not really a great option for the masses. I'm more excited about the possibility of still playing Pokemon Gens 4/5 online and playing Mario Kart DS.

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    I'd love to see a Phantasy Star title for 3DS. I can't believe it's over! I hardly got to play PSZ online. Such a marvelous game. R.I.P.

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    Good bye, Phantasy Star Zero. It was one of the few games on the original DS with good online multi-player.

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    I got PSZ working online with just a few PC downloads and one Action Replay code. No specifics, but yes, still possible to play online (and if any of you are willing to get your's connected, feel free to message me asking to play). And yes, it does assign a new friend code. That ain't the end of the world, just a quick change. n.n

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