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    Talking Your first buy! Can you remember it?

    Can you recall the very first item(s) you bought from some other player in PSO2? Feel free to talk about it/them here for fun. I can't directly remember 100% of everything, but I do know a few from back in the day and I still have them to this day now too, major problem is I can't remember who I got it from.

    My first bought outfit: Patty's outfit (green). I still have it to this day.

    My first bought voice: Female Voice #28. Though I don't ever use it anymore, lol. Still have it activated but not used.

    My first bought hairstyle: Hatsune Miku. Was very late on that and was the most "expensive" item I bought back in the day.

    My first bought weapon: Soul Eater (of course I'm not complete without my scythe! bought this from a JP team who hired me before I got confused by someone else taking me in theirs later on....)

    My first bought lobby action: ??? *um.... this I can't remember.......

    My first bought armor set: Vol Dragon (because it looked cool)
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    My first buy was guardians repca

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    Male Char o-o Played since CBT .....

    Outfit : Adventos (black or yellow, I forgot)

    Voice : Erec-SAMA !!!! (from Ixion Saga ..... Casra voice, maybe? Still used sometimes for lulz ........ a man who lost both balls on 1st 2 episodes is ....... unforgettable lol The way it receive it back is also even more lulz XDD)

    Hairstyle : Dunno the name ..... short, rough, spiky hair, I think

    Weapon : Ishurai, I think (to change into AQ stone weapon)

    LA : S-Jump

    Armor : Dark Falz Elder Set (for Gu ...... 0 S-Defense, melee Tmg Gu )
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    For context - most of my first purchases were made in the distant past when Super Hard difficulty and the Braver class didn't exist yet, with me as a low level noob with little idea how to play the game and mere thousands of meseta to my name.

    Outfit: Cherubina Leg for cast parts. For normal clothes, Yoshino Tefura Moon - which I got when Braver was already out but still relatively new. I sold both a long time ago.

    Hairstyle: 3rd Naura Sister, in a desperate search for non-default hair. Money well spent.

    Voice: Extra Female Voice 23 (Cast). This happened much, MUCH later than other purchases in this post. I only use Yoko Hikasa and Maria Kawamura voices, really.

    Weapon: Some cheap crap I got off visiphone due to being a tiny upgrade over what I already had.

    Unit: Same.

    Lobby Action: I don't remember anymore.

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    I bought over end
    end of story

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    Weapon: Divulcan 250k
    Unit: Calvaria Set for around 1m
    Parts: Lamia set
    Hair: I still haven't bought one, seriously. It's been 4 years too.
    Lobby Action: Enemy 2
    Voice: Female Cast 26 or maybe 25.


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    i remember when i found my first elder fist. bought prem straight up, passed it, and bought an elder rod for Fo . 3. b

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    I been playing since the closed beta test, and for a while I didn't know that non-premium player could buy stuff from the player shops XD

    Anyways, my first item for me was the wedding dress from the very first scartch. It was 750K (white one) that I still own almost 4 years into the game.

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    I didn't actually buy any costumes for a long time after starting (like Squall I started in the closed beta but had no idea non-prem players could shop), but when I did I went for the China Dress in snow, because I thought my character would look good in it.

    I was wrong

    Not too long after that I bought the 2013 Festa shirt, and it's still one of my most-used outfits.

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    Outfit: Close Quarter Snow

    Weapon: Think the first weapon I ever bought was either a Gunslash Zero or a Basilleon.

    Unit Set: Brostol Set for the matter board Affixs

    Voice: Archer's Voice.

    Hair: All Back. (Only used it once though.)

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