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Thread: Error code 249

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    Default Error code 249

    So i finally got it all installed but when i try to input my SEga id i get this Error code 249, anyone know what it is? somone said it might be ip blocker but i changed to singapore and veitnam and still got it..... any ideas??

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    you know Singapore ... and the rest of SEA region is japan ip block.

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    im on the "english version" but which ones ARE not blocked??? which area do i get a vpn from that this will work with???

    how do i get this to work

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    you're probably the same person in Gfaqs so I'll just write your problem and solution here.

    SEA Version doesn't use SEGA IDs, they instead use PlayPark IDs which are made in their website, not SEGA's.

    about making a PlayPark ID. . . I already forgot and not willing to remember all the abominations in that server. forgot the website but I'm sure it's here somewhere, just do a quick search or something.

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    so when im in the client and asks for sega id i actully put the playpark id instead?

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    are you really playing PSO2SEA version?

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    Yes via Tweeker english patch i assume that is it

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    The Tweaker tries to log you to the JP Version.

    If you're in SEA, you're IP-blocked from that version.
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    but why the need used tweaked since it already translate in English in PSO2SEA version?

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    oh i see so what would i need to work in that version a Jpn ip?

    ya i didnt realize they were two versions lol i guess i shoudl hunt down an actual SEA version then i guess!
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