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    Default ARKS 2nd Anniversary Report results are in.

    Support Partner:
    Photon Arts:

    Did these results live up to your expectations?

    Edit: Here's the report from the year before.

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    Oh yes, I've been looking forward to this. Let's see how the bust sizes have changed over the past year.

    To what should be absolutely no one's surprise, Shunka and Ilmegid are the most used PAs of their respective categories. I'm a little surprised at some of the other results though. Million Storm is the most popular bow art? Really, you guys?
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    Didn't expect fighter to be almost as much of a minority as Techer...

    Braver taking up a huge chunk of the pie doesn't surprise me, though.
    I wonder if hunter is counting subclasses because I can't imagine that many players maining hunter unless they're counting people who tried the game for 1 day and quit. (as that rather large spike of level 1-2 characters would indicate)

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    I am the 3.7%!

    Meji | Ship 02 | LV75 Bouncer/Hunter | Proud leader of Celestial

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    And still... Male Newmans are close to extinction...

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    We're prepared to offer ourselves for a prospective breeding program at any time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xaeris View Post
    Million Storm is the most popular bow art? Really, you guys?
    I can't tell you how many times I've seen a bow BR next to me using Million Storm on a boss while I'm doing a Nemesis/Banishing combo.

    It's like... why?

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    hmm.... ok then+^_^+ more Newmans then i thought there would be, and a lot fewer CASTs+^_^+ rest seems right+^_^+

    Quote Originally Posted by Xaeris View Post
    We're prepared to offer ourselves for a prospective breeding program at any time.
    Lol, as is true with any species, you only need a few males, did you see all the Newearls out there? that race does *not* need protective breeding+^_^+

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    Only PA that doesn't really make sense to be on top is speed rain. Really?
    Quote Originally Posted by CelestialBlade View Post
    Bit off-topic, but I'm just sick and tired of "difficulty" meaning "stat boosts". It's lazy and boring.

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