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    This gonna be PC only. Sorry to say, but given amount of content that the PC version had, and the fact that PS2 couldn't take advantage of any newly released content, there's no way to put this back up on PS2 and keep things 1 - 1 without having an entirely new disk of this content converted for PS2. Which is impossible. Same with 360.
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    So where may I find a pc copy?

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    They're still available on Amazon. Pretty affordable to boot.
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    I'm pretty certain that this will probably not get anyway, but my love for PSU is making me hopeful and optimistic that this'll work out to be something amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JCGamer View Post
    you should join there testing progress you have the knowledge as PSU player just saying just be nice they included u in and give your feedback to Tony
    Yeah I wouldn't mind helping but they probably already have enough people.
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    Oh man, I forgot how much I missed this game...
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    Good luck to them. Added the group on FB so I can be kept updated on any progress made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyreek View Post

    They're still available on Amazon. Pretty affordable to boot.
    So there's no "Blue Burst" edition of this game that's just a simple download-and-play? Bummer.

    If the issues with PSO2 don't clear up soon, I might actually give this one a try. I didn't even know there was a PC version, actually; I wound up skipping PSU entirely because I thought it was an X360 exclusive haha.

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    i miss psu lol, thats where i was introduced to this awesome series my only regret is that i started playing psu on the last year their servers wer up for the 360 version so i didnt get to fully enjoy it but it was very fun for me nontheless

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    Quote Originally Posted by omega shadow x View Post
    So where may I find a pc copy?
    From what I understand is considered "Abandonware" so you can technically download it, but I don't know.

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