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    No one's started any sort of informative guide on the event in pso-w?

    OH and it just occurred to me, you get star points for talking to arkma after completing the task. yeah so i handed in ONE of 5 tasks i had completed. "oh boy". and GG sega there is apparently no way to redeem what your entitled to after the the end of the day passes and the next task begins. Well isn't that just great

    So i can avoid this bull in the future, How do you people get your information on these events?

    Due to this lack of knowledge im out like over 3000 points.
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    Are you talking about the COs that Xie hands out? Because those don't actually do a thing in the context of the tournament. Also, you only got stars from Arkuma because the eent ended and there was a one time star prize depending on your team's placing - you only get this at the end of the event, NOT per day.

    All the "tasks" for the event for stars are passive - you either talk to Arkuma, or check your event menu for the active task. You have 10 hours per task to complete it.

    The only way you're out 3000 points is because you just didn't do or repeat the tasks laid out for you (as you would also get a bonus for contributing max points per day).

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    oh it ended? damn -.-;

    I was far too busy trying to stay connected. never got a chance to keep up on anything
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