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    Default Mining Base 3: Despair - Guide and Information thread, now with AIS tips for newbies!

    Mining Base Defense: Despair
    Emergency transmission to all ARKS members.
    A strong Darker presence has been confirmed near a Mining Base on planet Lilipa.
    It's a despairing situation, as infecton has already begun.
    However, we must not give up.
    Utilize the A.I.S, newly developed for Base Defense, and defeat the Darkers.
    This guide is largely completed now. Currently in the middle of an overhaul.
    I used some tentative titles and my own translations, as I don't know some of the official names or what the EN patch uses.
    If you're confused, just go by phonetics or assume closest possibility.

    Being lazy and going to just link this here:
    DPS Guide to TD3 and AIS Pilot guide, scanned by Lyrise.

    Quote Originally Posted by nephie View Post
    dunno if someone already put this already or not...

    some good spot to hit AIS beam:
    wave 2,3,4,8
    better wave 3 + some explanation

    also you can break solsa brahda's infecting sphere by hitting it before it reach the socket... (no point doing this if the socket targetted is already infected, but advised to do if the socket targetted is still uninfected as you have only so many chances to purify socket)

    AIS tips for newbies:
    • First and foremost, recognize the AIS' strengths. Use AIS to do what players can't, or desperately need immediately.
    • For example, AIS can dash to move over the map quickly, tag enemies easily, clear out packs quickly, reach infected dropships easily, jump over walls, etc.
    • The third melee slash does huge damage. Try to do two regular shots and then Just Attack into the third slash.
    • Hold shift to gain access to grenade/missile (long range, costly) and wide range dash slash (great for wiping out enemies).
    • AIS can regenerate PP by firing regular shots at our own towers. Use this to fuel dash spam, to get around faster.
    • AIS can jump over walls. Just hold space until you go over.
    • One AIS is enough for a single area. Do not all gather up in the same area.
    • Priority targets for AIS are: enemies humping towers > infected socket towers > tower infections > infected dropship > walls > enemies scattered miles away (use dash) > stray bosses.
    • If you see the boss is being managed and not humping a tower, go and do something else first.
    • Look at the map. It's very useful for keeping track of what's going on.
    • Decol Maluda can take a tower down by 30% life per projectile attack. If you can, tag it as it spawns and keep it away from towers.
    • AIS usage is limited to, at most, 3 per player. It's best to have one person using an AIS for each wave, but don't waste your AIS when there's no need for it.
    • If you are using AIS and playing badly, most other people won't waste their AIS to cover your mistakes. For this reason, try to do your best while in the AIS.

    Basic Information:
    • Emergency quest. Total of 8 Waves.
    • Gets hectic very quickly, so don't let your guard down.
    • A successfully completed run takes around 20-35 minutes.
    • Level requirements: Normal = 0, Hard = 20, Very Hard = 40, Super Hard = 55.
    • Even if people leave early, it's still possible to complete as long as a few A.I.S are available in the last waves.
    • Weather changes (eg. reddish environment, night time) will increase enemy HP.
    • Raveil and Gerard (rare enemy guy) now have new Client Orders for Tower Defense enemies. However, they have long reset times.
    • Switching weapons when you activate the teleporter may potentially freeze you (glitch).


    Critical Points:

    • Constantly check the map and radar.
    • Destroy the towers that grow from infected sockets (red blip on the map, they also ping on spawn).
    • Quickly clear out the Solza Brahdas, because they infect sockets.
    • Access and cleanse infected sockets as you pass by them.
    • Destroy Infected Fighter Planes as soon as possible. They are the number one cause of player deaths here.
    • As the map is huge, it's advised to not stray far away from others in case you die. Run back from the camp ship if you really have to.

    • Tag, pull and keep all enemies away from towers, preferably long before they reach towers.
    • Don't stand near towers if an Infected Fighter Plane is firing missiles and bullets at you, as the tower will take large damage.
    • Killing enemies is unnecessary; as long as they are chasing you, you can go and pick up crystals or assist other towers.
    • If you see 3 or more people already on a boss, don't join in. Assist others elsewhere.
    • Don't forget to use socket and base functions (cleansing, turrets, cannons, healing).

    Suicide Bombers:
    • When Wave time runs out, remaining Goldradas will rush towards their current primary target (usually a tower) and self-destruct for huge damage.
    • You cannot change a Goldrada's primary target once it starts to detonate.
    • Only Zondeel (preferably used with Territory Burst and maybe Ra Barta) can reliably pull Goldradas away from towers once they start to detonate.
    • Bullet Bow's Gravity Point sort of works, but doesn't seem to be as effective as Zondeel.

    • Crystals and A.I.S usage are key. Aim for 7000 at the very least, preferably 10000.
    • A.I.S should be used sparingly in earlier waves (total of 1-2 per wave), with most A.I.S kept for the last 2 waves.
    • When using A.I.S, focus on tagging bosses (not killing them), destroying walls and taking out trash mobs.
    • Announce when you use A.I.S (at the start or during Waves 1-6). Any language should be okay, as long as you say A.I.S.

    Macros/Shortcut Words:

    Japanese examples:
    • A.I.S使います
    • A.I.S使います!ボスはヘイトの取得のみ、雑魚優先します。
    • WB持ちですが、WAVE4と7でA.I.S乗ります。
    • <basecolor>拠点、バリア0
    • <class>の<me>が<basecolor>拠点を守ります。
    • <basecolor> 拠点、<target>を拠点から引き離しに成功。
    • 【死亡通知用】<<<basecolor>拠点>> <pos>防衛中、死亡。
    • 【位置報告用】<<<basecolor>拠点>> <pos>周辺のヘイトと結晶を集めました

    The above examples in English:
    • Using A.I.S
    • Using A.I.S! Only tagging bosses. Trash mobs are priority.
    • I have WB, but I will pilot A.I.S in Wave 4 and 7.
    • <basecolor> base, Barrier 0
    • <me> (<class>) will protect <basecolor> base.
    • Successfully pulled <target> away from <basecolor> base.
    • [Death notification] Died defending <<<basecolor> base>> at <pos>.
    • [Location Report] Tagging enemies, collecting crystals at <pos> near <<<basecolor> base>> .

    Important Information:

    • Absolutely necessary for A.I.S and other uses. Aim for at least 7000 or 10000.
    • In later Waves, crystals will become larger and give more points. There are three types of crystals.
    • Wave 1-3: 10 points. Wave 4-6: 20 points. Wave 7-8: 30 points.
    • Check the map at the top of this post for best crystal areas and jump pad information.
    • In later Waves, corners will occasionally become blocked by walls.
    • Try to aim for around this many crystals per wave: 1: 300-500. 2: 1000. 3: 2000. 4: 4000. 5: 5000. 6: 6200-7000. 7: 8500-10000.

    Infected Socket Darker Towers (Darker Particle Beam):
    • Solza Brahdas create these by infecting sockets, so defeat them ASAP.
    • These appear in all waves, with increasing frequency.
    • If left too long, they will shoot a laser directly at our towers. 7 seconds of laser damage will destroy a fully-healed tower.
    • VERY important to destroy these ASAP. They have roughly 20000 HP.
    • You can see them as red dots on the map. They will ping the map on spawn.
    • Infected sockets cannot be used, and anything on the socket will immediately be destroyed upon infection.
    • Some Techs can hit these from infinite range (even if invisible), by manually aiming with shoulder camera.

    Infected Fighter Planes:
    • Designated by a large circle on the map (like a large boss).
    • These appear in all Waves (but maybe not in 1). They fly very high and may be difficult to hit.
    • They have a LOT of HP. If you have Weak Bullet, make sure you use it on these.
    • The front cockpit area is considered their "head", and will receive more damage than the body.
    • Massive attack range and will shoot everyone from afar with both gunfire and heat-seeking missiles.
    • Each missile hits a decently armored player for roughly 600 damage.
    • Can be easily destroyed with Weak Bullet, A.I.S Photon Grenades, or A.I.S Double Jump + Photon Saber combo.
    • Casters can hit these from extremely long distances by using shoulder cam aiming, but it'll take a very long time.
    • Don't use Turrets or Photon Cannons as there is a high chance you will get hit by a missile.
    • Using Moon Atomizers is risky when these are shooting missiles at everyone.
    • Don't stand near towers if one of these is firing at you, as the tower will take large damage.

    Darker Walls:
    • These start to appear from Wave 4 onwards, and in random formations.
    • If you have an A.I.S, destroy walls blocking access to towers. If you have breathing space, destroy corner walls too.
    • Attacking one portion of a wall will destroy the whole row/section/line.
    • As a decent Gunner, it takes 4 Messiah Times to destroy a wall section.
    • Walls vanish when the Wave is over.
    • Walls will sometimes seal the corners with crystals. It may be faster to ignore those corners until the Wave completes.
    • Before a Wave starts, make sure you aren't in the corners because you can get trapped by a wall there alone.

    Enemy, Waves and Spawn Information:

    • Wave 1: Gwanada x2.
    • Wave 2: Wolgarda x3.
    • Wave 3: Decol Maluda x2. After 20 seconds, Bleu Ringarda x1
    • Wave 4: Zeshirayda + RandomA. Darker Walls start appearing on this wave.
    • Wave 5: A large group of Cycloneda or Predicarda, then Dark Ragne, then Ragne again after the first is defeated. Both accompanied by RandomA.
    • Wave 6: Dark Biblas + RandomB. The final packs of enemies will focus on a random single tower.
    • Wave 7: Falz Arms x2 + RandomB. The final packs of enemies will spawn at North, East and West simultaneously.
    • Wave 8: Falz Hunar. Once Hunar and his minions are defeated, Biblas Yuga appears. Both are accompanied by RandomB.
    • RandomA includes: Maluda, Wolgarda.
    • RandomB includes: Maluda, Wolgarda, Ragne, Zeshirayda, Ringarda, Arms.
    • Random bosses appear in random numbers (eg. Wolgarda 1-3, Maluda 1-3, etc).

    • Prioritize tagging enemies (with big damage) and then pull them away from towers. They can always be killed later.
    • Significant enemies include: Goldrada, Solza Brahda, Vidluda, Kartago, Lanz Vareda, Dicarda, Predicarda, Cycloneda, Cochroneda, Ludan Sorcerer.
    • Weaker enemies include: Dagan, El Dagan, Gul Solda, Solda Capita, Due Solda, Gawonda, Guwonda, Shutrada, Tiraluda, Bryundal, Dabryuune, Dabryunda.
    • Enemies will randomly spawn either from the north, east, or west. During Wave 1, they only seem to spawn from the north.
    • Infections can appear on towers starting from Wave 1 onwards.
    • Freeze is good for preventing damage to towers. Panic will cause an enemy to ignore all threat/hate values and attack random stuff.
    • War Cry can be used to gather some hate, but can also be easily overridden by other attacks such as Il Megid.
    • Check the enemy section at the bottom of this post for details on how to deal with each enemy.

    • Boss spawn positions are random, and are also influenced by whether towers are down or not.
    • Bosses can also be Boosted (I don't recall seeing this much in previous TDs).
    • Smaller bosses (eg. Decol Maluda, Gwanada, Wolgarda, etc) are only shown as a regular enemy on the map.
    • Big bosses such as Biblas, Ragne, Hunar and Zeshirayda all drop their own loot gems. Yes, Hunar can drop Yasha.
    • Biblas Yuga usually throws a bomb very soon after spawn. He will then throw another one soon after. He has maybe double regular Biblas' HP.
    • Check the boss section at the bottom of this post for details on how to deal with each enemy.

    Artillery and other Functions:

    Base Summon Sockets:
    • Can summon Turrets, Photon Particle Cannons, A.I.S.
    • Sockets cannot be used if infected.
    • Will randomly get infected regardless of Solza Brahda presence (ie, south sockets still get infected).
    • Each player can clear up to 5 infected sockets by interacting with them.
    • Turrets are available at 100 and 1500 points.
    • Photon Particle Cannons at 5000 and 8000 points.
    • A.I.S. are available at 2000, 7000 and 10000 points.
    • A single Photon Particle Cannon isn't enough to destroy an Infected Fighter Plane (under normal circumstances).
    • Avoid using socket weaponry near Solza Brahdas, as they can throw balls on you that infect the socket, destroy the weapon and damage you.
    • Don't summon Photon Particle Cannons unless you intend to use them immediately, as infections can destroy them.
    • Don't use Photon Particle Cannons if there's an Infected Fighter Plane, because they will very likely interrupt you with a missile.
    • Getting hit while shooting a Photon Particle Cannon simultaneously cancels the laser and the Cannon disappears (old info, but worth noting).

    Tower Functions:
    • Burst Barriers at 500, 2500 and 4500 points.
    • Heals at 1000, 3500 and 6000 points.
    • Burst Barriers only freeze enemies and won't deflect attacks, so they are useless against bosses and enemies that cannot be frozen.

    A.I.S Notes:
    • Lasts for two minutes. Color depends on your clothing.
    • On Super Hard, A.I.S has 8439 HP and 100 PP, regardless of character stats or class. This number varies depending on difficulty.
    • They can still be destroyed, so try to avoid boss attacks (eg. Hunar's shockwave or Wolgarda's palm strike).
    • Cannot revive other players or use items while in the A.I.S.
    • Can pick up crystals and items, but is a little difficult to position correctly.
    • Cannot access sockets and tower functions (unconfirmed).
    • Can still lock onto enemies (Q, Tab on keyboard controls).
    • Can be healed by other players' Resta, etc.

    A.I.S Controls:
    • 0 is to exit the A.I.S and also displays the remaining time until it runs out. Exiting makes them disappear.
    • 1 for a Photon Particle Cannon. Somewhat easy to aim. Takes some time to charge. Can only be used once. Hits for roughly 50k base damage per second. Does not use PP.
    • 2 for a close-range sphere-shaped explosion that hits multiple times and freezes enemies. Does not use PP.
    • Left mouse for rapid fire rifle attack. Used for PP regen. Hits for roughly 2k base damage per shot. You can Just Attack it if you tap it instead of holding it.
    • Right mouse for Photon Saber slash combo. Seems to hit for between 5k and 50k damage. Uses 9-15 PP (not sure how much). Successive hits do more damage.
    • Shift+LMB fires 3 missiles/grenades. They will home in if locked-on. Each missile hits for roughly 12k. Uses 55 PP.
    • Shift+RMB is a dashing attack.
    • Space to jump. Hold down for a longer jump. Tapping jump adds to the initial jump height. Can double jump. Does not use PP.
    • F for quick dash. Tapping it rapidly seems to result in multi-dash. This travels immense distances very quickly. Uses 15 PP.

    A.I.S Tips:
    • Equipping a weapon with EXP Boost and/or Another History before entering an A.I.S may increase all your EXP gains (unconfirmed).
    • Exiting the A.I.S seems to recover your HP.
    • I recommend focusing on the map blips, then point your A.I.S towards trouble areas and spam lock on, dash, attack to wipe everything out quickly.
    • Take maximum advantage of A.I.S speedy distance covering.
    • Most, if not all A.I.S attacks can be Just Attacked for extra damage.
    • When using A.I.S Photon Cannon, try to position yourself to hit both enemy waves and bosses at the same time.
    • If people are already using A.I.S Photon Cannon at a boss, you should probably save the Photon Cannon for something else.
    • Pick up as many crystals as you can while in the A.I.S.

    Other Useful Tips and Tricks:

    Successful Strategy Videos:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sizustar View Post
    Here's someone else's playthrough, they split into 3 team, each focusing on their own section.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sizustar View Post
    Well, our team was 7 FO, 3 Gu, 1 RA.
    Ra is just going from corner to corner, gathering crystal.
    And FO/Gu are split into two side, and if a Vtol appear or tower appear, FO use Il Grant to take it out.
    The 2 run we did, we got over 10k Crystal, and S-ranked both time
    One other thing, is in Round 2~4, leave one enemy alive, and gather crystal, and let the timer run out.
    And AIS, take turn.
    S-Rank TD3
    7 FO, 3 GU 1 RA(If I remember correctly)

    Enemy Strategies:

    Boss Strategies:

    Class, Equipment and Skill Recommendations:

    • JP swiki - Lots and lots of info.
    • Sanguine2009 - Solza Brahda info.
    • Maenara - Wave info.
    • doomdragon83 - Socket cleansing info.
    • Hrith - Boss spawn and various strategy info.
    • final_attack - Tower and A.I.S function info, calling out A.I.S usage, tip on fighter planes hitting towers.
    • Rakurai - A.I.S time limit and capabilities info.
    • Sizustar - Strategies, A.I.S Shift+Attack and other info.
    • Agastya - A.I.S Just Attack info
    • Dinosaur - Photon Saber combo info.
    • hihihihi10x - A.I.S capabilities info.
    • SakoHaruo - A.I.S tips.
    • Melodys - Crystal gathering tips.
    • Rehal - A.I.S. combo tips.
    • Ce'Nedra - Some tips.
    • Kuryaka - Difficulty variation info.
    • IndigoNovember - Glitch info.
    • Anyone else I forgot.
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    AIS Shortcut 2 = firing something like Freeze Grenade ..... the range and explosion is not so far, and it got hit box in the shape of a sphere (the explosion is sphere like. Sorry, I forgot to take SS for it.) ..... Freeze effect. Multi-hits (probably 3, to help with freezing enemies) ......
    I still wonder about how the grenade fires though. It seems, it'll automatically target ground. Or maybe it's because I'm using manual aiming, since some PA won't work in manual aiming mode, probably the same. Will need some more confirmation.

    EDIT : 3 Barriers + 3 heals. Here's the Screen shot from Tower.

    Screenshot for Floor (Base summon sockets)
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    Thanks. I took some screenshots too and recorded a video.
    Going to pore through them later, eyes hurting and hungry.

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    You can Pick Up Crystal while in A.I.S, just can't revive others

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    Quote Originally Posted by TaigaUC View Post
    - Right mouse for slash combo. Hits for roughly 5k base damage. Uses 9-15 PP (not sure how much).
    I think you mean 50k? It does way more than 5k damage.

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    OMFG i hate that new EQ in 8 tries i only succeded once !!! everytime with almost all lvl 70 we keep failing and failing and failing.. I'm so pissed right now..

    We were on round 7 we still had 3 base almost destroyed i took 350% boost and then we got a super buffed round and we failed... :'(

    Sega is so going to Nerf it for sure !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hihihihi10x View Post
    You can Pick Up Crystal while in A.I.S, just can't revive others
    This is true, you need to get used to positioning yourself over it but once you do, it's no problem snatching up crystals in the A.I.S, you can't revive/use items as far as I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorne View Post
    I think you mean 50k? It does way more than 5k damage.
    Probably depends on target. I was skimming through the video I recorded, and I was doing 5k on some swings and 50k when I hit weak points. Not sure how that works.
    Will adjust the guide anyways.

    Quote Originally Posted by hihihihi10x View Post
    You can Pick Up Crystal while in A.I.S, just can't revive others
    Okay, thanks. I tried several times and wasn't able to, but maybe I was lagging.

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    Here's someone else's playthrough, they split into 3 team, each focusing on their own section.
    Sizustar Fo/Te 75/75 - Ship-2

    Screenshot dump
    url][email protected]/[/url]
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    Gonna try a staggered approach using AIS right from the start in tonight's EQ. I'll report on how it goes.

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