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    Default 20+ reasons why I should have been banned

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    Why did only one need an email code?
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    there was more down below. i switched to a new vpn though got tired of d/cing all the time randomly.

    But the SoftEither has like a static IP or some shiz that dont require a code constantly (but also i notice that static ip changed too?) weirdness but hey it worked for the mode part.

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    What a trooper.
    Quote Originally Posted by GHNeko View Post
    this is an absolutely disgusting post

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    thanks for the info and this here confirms PSO2 has almost no security unlike other mmos ive played
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miyuki_Kamiko View Post
    thanks for the info and this here confirms PSO2 has almost no security unlike other mmos ive played
    As been said before, the email authentication appears to work with your computer's mac address or something. I've moved and changed ISPs but used the same computer the past 2 years, never needed an authentication. Stuff like Guild Wars 2 forces me to authenticate every time my IP changes.

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    I mean, like, I guess this is cool.

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    Oh, I thought this was going to be a list of pointless threads you made on here as a list of 20+ reasons to be banned from pso-world...

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    SoftEther never really dcs for me but then again I don't play often.

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