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    Default Some PSO language discoveries.

    Hello everyone.

    I have been busying myself trying to decipher some of the cryptic stories, themes, and language in PSO Ep 1-4. I have a film series in the works that is going to 'better' bridge the gap between Ep 4 and 3.

    The amount of research has been nuts... most of it has been made substantially easier given some progress in the past by other fans.

    I was looking over
    to see if it was the same written language in PSO1. It's not.... There is no relation between the symbols AT ALL. I was a little taken aback because I was going to interpret EP 3's 'Arkz' in the same way as PSO2. I will come back to this.

    I have studied that language for about 3 or 4 days ( I was able to create a reference for the symbols used for the alphabet minus J and Z from the intro of PSO 1,2, and blue burst from the character descriptions that are ripped from the manual. I might of have a corrupted version of the video as a few descriptions didn't match the character, while some where different than what the manual printed. I would like to assume this, but I will comeback to this later also.

    Here is the image file of what I found (along with the obvious visuals to show how I got it) [ATTACHED PSO Alphabet.png]

    I wasn't able to hunt down the J and Z symbols in any of the game videos or ingame in blue burst (on ep 1 at least)

    Interesting thing was, I did this translation AFTER trying to decipher the language in ep 3. What makes that interesting is that, the font is slightly different. It's a bit easier to decode, but quality images are hard to come by on EP 3 (and I have the game in PAL and NA). There was 1 screen of language in the intro of EP 3 that had not been decoded (or I wasn't able to find it).

    This bit of text (opening screen lingo.jpg)

    I originally believed it was directly translated to what follows afterwards (feel free to reference this video around 40 secs and after).

    The words the follow screen states:
    Of the darkness
    A boundless expanse
    Join us
    And you shall attain fortitude.

    With some eye-soring work, I managed to decode it as this (and attached as the pso ep 3 language)

    "Of the lim#it
    Beyond the limit of time
    Comewi thus
    And you shall see our brilliant splendar"

    NOTE: There are spelling and grammatical errors. The # sign is used to denote a character that I couldn't decipher, but is most likely an error in either the designers or poor zooming graphic capabilities. Sans errors its,

    Of the limit
    Beyond the limit of time
    Come with us
    And you shall see our brilliant splendor

    I believe the first limit translated into something different. Something involving an endless void (as I believe this is in reference to both Dark Falz and space consciousness or even the darkness which the second screen refers to). The second limit, I feel is better made plural (limits).

    I thought this was pretty interesting to note the difference between the two verses (I'll call it that anyway). I figure the 'original' verses were created from the japanese creators while the second screen is the localized version. Thus I can refer back to there being errors. The EP3 verse was most likely written in English by a japanese artist/programmer which would imply that their meaning behind the words they used was lost but signposted by the words they used (hence when we got the following screen it may have been the localized interpretation). However, the difference between the last line is a bit more pronounced.

    And what about ARKZ (EP3)? I am going to believe it does mean 'Artificial Relict, keep species' but they decided to use a Z instead of an S. I also believe that since Ep3 was released after 1 and 2, they shifted the font, possibly to make it easier to read. Or perhaps the written language shifted in over 2 decades. The language is completely different from PSO2. This would likely imply that the peoples of PSO2 are not the same people of PSO1-4 or at the very least, through some sort of events, developed a completely different language.

    That's all I'm posting for now. I do want to share my project with you guys, for those that remain interested in the lore of PSO or machinima.

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    That's some pretty intense linguistic cryptology ya got going! Definitely would be interested in seeing some more of your findings, and that was pretty clever to use a description as a PSO rosetta stone!

    Still, I find it pretty questionable how a written language can change so dramatically within 2 decades. That's like a language changing dramatically within less than half of a person's lifetime. The horrors of reeducating the public! I would explain it away as an artist's own personal meddling with the font, but then that wouldn't be a very fun conclusion... -w-

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    Definitely interesting stuff. It's nice to see someone curious about this stuff and putting in some research/effort into it.
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    I should have put an update on this, but I was busy with the other thread.

    The Germ was speaking the 'of the darkness' shtick in title of EP 3. I'm really surprised I didn't notice it. Outside it being... obviously in the mood and message of the Germ (at this point in my research of this game I'm very embarrassed that I didn't see this before), they show the Germ particles in that sequence during the title (look at the little bubbly things and the weird 'being' in the center'.

    Perhaps this message is one that people hear when the Germ infects them. Not too sure. The 'us' are all the beings absorbed by the Germ. Dark Falz is from the Darkness beyond the limits of time (and Germ is also of 'that' darkness [a two-fold meaning where the Germ is the darkness of the Darkness-that being Dark Falz- from beyond the expanse/limits of time])

    I've been translating a bunch of the PSO speek in the environments in EP 3 and throughout P2 and Lab. Much of it are just signs, but some of it has some additional lore, but very hard to see clearly ingame.

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    Default More discoveries

    Probably more old news. I was looking some pso graphics on psoworld. I found some images that my not have been translated. I figured I would post them. (I have one a work in progress. I'll post it tomorrow).


    The attached picture is what I was initially using to decode the text. In any case, here you go.

    I've separated into 3 sections: The text on the outer-most areas of the circle which includes the 2 letters just inside each section (Edge Section), The text closest to the center of the circular form (Center section). And the text in between the 2 (Mid section).
    Mid section

    I wish it at an alliance from several years ago

    Center Section

    Pleaase protect us by virtue of your the great light power
    (Note: "Please" is spelled as it appears above. There are many a type/mistranslations in this game)

    Edge Section

    Note: The letters under them are the mirror image of the first letter of the word above them. I also included a short description of the beings listed in the edge section ripped from here

    Top: Farlla Estlla F and E mirrored
    Farlla: A serpentine creature that attacks in a circular diameter around the character.
    Estlla: A dolphin-like creature that attacks in a linear motion in the direction the character is facing.

    Lower-Right: Golla Pilla G and P mirrored
    Golla: An elk-like creature that attacks a single target.
    Pilla: A celestial creature that attacks in a circular diameter around the character.

    Bottom Left: Leilla Mylla Also contains in indistinguishable symbol after Mylla. L and M mirrored.
    Leilla: A mermaid-like creature that casts Resta and Level 7 Anti.
    Mylla & Youlla: A pair of bumbling twins that cast Shifta & Deband.

    While I believe the center text is related to the beings listed above asking them for protection, I'm not sure what the mid section entails. I could be relating a message to to/from Coral. Someone is acknowledging an alliance. IDK. I'll let someone else mill around the logics on this one.
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