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    Translations please!
    For balance changes and skill trees mainly.

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    Shiyo. You are the thirstiest of us all right now lmfao.
    Quote Originally Posted by SmolNeko View Post
    Time to go back under your rock and wait for someone to tell you the new meta. The adults who can construct full English sentences are speaking.

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    Fury nerf, costs less points
    No penalty on Guard

    WB nerf, WHA buff. Can keep WB on weapon switch

    Photon Flare duration increased.
    Can charge during Mirage Escape

    Brave/Wise buffed. No penalty. (Passive? Faster?)
    Chase nerfed

    SRoll JA nerfed
    Showtime/Hightime buffed

    Territory Burst passive, 1SP
    Super Treatment, 1SP
    Shifta Strike, percentage based damage increase
    Shifta Crit buffed, Wand Lovers buffed

    Average/Weak buffed
    Rapid Shoot Up buffed

    Or something like that
    PSO2 Trivia:
    Crits are bad, m'kay?       Buffs/Heals ignore equipment
    20 Atk ≃ 1% damage     Mass WB = Instant Win    
    Skill Tree Priority Charts || Class Info and Build Guide

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    Am I seeing this right, do all of the following skills no longer require players to put points into them?
    - Step/Diveroll/Mirage Escape (Well, this was always the case)
    - Step Attack
    - Just Reversal
    - Guard
    - Just Guard
    - Just Counter
    - Trap Search
    - Extend Assist

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    Wow seeing those changes is giving me hope not sure how I feel about Sroll JA yet but they guy really does seem to know what he is doing.

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    Fury nerf
    SRoll JA nerfed
    Showtime/Hightime buffed
    Well, looks like Gunner is done for.

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