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    Quote Originally Posted by Altiea View Post
    How invested are you in playing DB? If you're willing to build rainbow Blades, then you don't need Break Stance. I would also recommend taking points out of S-ATK Up Skills and putting them elsewhere, like Step Advance (unless you're getting that on your HU tree).
    im planing to use both as much and change them as i feel like it to make the gameplay more exciting (each wep individually gets a bit dull after some time) with the 3 button config and the small amount of PAs on each wep it was easy to make a LAS setup with both weapons in thats why i kept Break Stance SD for when im using DB with anything that isnt light weak with a single astra DB

    about step advance, i didnt put any because i prefer JB and DB weapon action dodge to step dodgeing

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    I'd still keep SD bonus just for seasonals that dump random assortments of enemies onto you like some of the LQs do lul

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    I'd take switch strike on my characters that have an S-atk mag; my main character has mostly t-atk mags, either a 170 t-atk or a 95/95 s-atk and t-atk mag. if I don't feel like swapping units around I got +40 S-atk and +90 T-atk per unit on my main's 12* units, otherwise I could bring over my alt's old s-atk saki set because I still don't have enough good 12* legs yet

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    I'm still not sure if I should craft Kestrel Rampage cause I heard conflicting statements. While all agree the damage is very high, some say it's overall great but others say it's not worth it cause it uses up too much gear.
    Not to mention the high pp cost,
    I got 2 good discs so far, +188% damage +1pp and + 220% damage + 4 pp. Should I go for it?

    How would I efficiently use it? If it uses too much gear (iirc all?) can I just alternate Kestrel with Dispersion Shrike / Heavenly Kite? How does that affect dps and dpp?
    What do I during PBF? Just alternate normal (or ID) and weapon action or is crafted Kestrel good enough to use it a lot during PBF?

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    Kestral Type-0 is a mandatory craft. Where the hell are you guys getting your suggestions from

    Step attack -> Heavenly Kite -> Kestral Type-0 works and is PP efficient especially with PP restorate skills
    Don't bother with Kestral Type-0 during PBF. Distraction Wing + DB snatch ring + directional PBF while hugging your target is what you should be doing most of the time. Immortal Dove barely sees use nowadays unless you want to stylishly lower your altitude and/or go to Heavenly Kite->Kestral Type-0 afterwards.

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    Thanks, going for it then.

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