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    Default Pso2 Vita Error Code 249 Fix

    Error 249 is an error gotten most likely because of the pso2 ip block. Here is how to fix it :3

    First Step is to download Spotflux on your PC: (Trial ends in three days uninstall/re-install will usually do the trick.)

    Second step is to download connectify: (Two day trial, but a 14 day license with all premium features is available for each email you have.)

    Now, run and install Spotflux, once it installs there should be a network adapter that Spotflux made. After you make sure of this turn Spotflux on by pressing the button on the Spotflux window.

    Now open the connectify window and set the network adapter to the one that Spotflux made Start connectify, once the hotspot is made, go to your vita and connect to the connecty-me hotspot. Now open pso2 and play away~!

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    Thank you very much, now i can play on vita

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