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    Default How to use a PS4 controller with pso2 and consistently get it to work properly

    At least with in my experience I finally figured out what the problem was when I plugged in a ps4 controller and the camera angle was going crazy. Its worked twice for me so far, and I'll put a more proper guide later.

    Step 1 - Load up Scpserver (ds4 program)

    Step 2 - plug in ps4 controller via USB cable and make sure its recognized by the program.

    Step 3 - MAKE SURE to check the box next to "hide ds4 controller"

    Step 4 - go to your computer's device manager and select game controllers.

    Step 5 - choose the option "advanced" the select Xbox 360 controller as the preferred device.

    And that should be all you need. Let me know if this works for anyone else or doesn't work Might I add that I'm using a laptop with Windows 8, so I'm not sure if my problems or solution work for older windows versions.
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