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    Probably your best bet nowadays is the SWiki "class consideration" page: (translated). It has discussion of multiple builds for each class and links to skill trees on a skill simulator (note that Google translate seems to make the skill simulator flaky). SWiki in general is probably one of the most well-kept up-to-date PSO2 resources out there.

    You can also try the in-game recommended builds available at the class counter, but I have never been brave enough to try them. Also they only work for main class and aren't really set up for a subclass build.
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    Thanks for the tip. I've not tried the JP wiki yet. Shall take a look.

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    yeah they've been steadily buffing and re-balancing various aspects of each class, not to mention stuff like new gear, S-class abilities, and outright new systems like the Complex/Formula PAs still in the process of being rolled out, so while we can firmly say things about a class's state right now; things could easily be pretty different by the time the NA server launches.

    still feels a bit ominous how silent everything's been since the announcement. maybe SoJ didn't like microsoft seemingly blurting it out the moment they reached something resembling an agreement heh.

    im like 80% certain SoA was not in the loop about this until at most a month before the announcement, if not at least the day before it

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