It seems like most of the people on this forum are on the JP version. I'm looking for other SEA players, preferably new to PSO2 players(like me).

I'm Level 23 and like to explore the game at a slow pace. I'm not looking to rush through levels or skip to the end quests. I do all the side stuff and I just have fun. Oh, and kick some ass!

So anybody else on SEA? I'll friend anybody who might already be lvl 40 but I don't want people to join me and then tell me what to do. Like "oh here's how you beat this boss". I prefer to learn that kind of thing on my own the first time around. There is only 1 first time around. After that I'm up for time attack spamming with everyone else.

I'm a long time PSO1 and PSU player. Even played some Zero on DS.

Oh and I'm on ship 2.