I recently came back to the game after a long time away due to health issues (remember when having an elder rod / rifle was something exclusive? That's how long it has been) and I've been soloing away to get a good grasp on how the game currently is and... well soloing is beginning to get very dull and to limit myself. So its probably time to look for a team (and spend those moons!).

PSO2 isn't the only game I play (FF) so I can't devote my entire day to it but I can still invest a considerable amount of time due to having a lot of free time right now.

I might not be a really talkative player but I like to chat depending on what subject (can't say I appreciate all kinds of "mature humor" for example) is floating on the chat , but mostly I like to do stuff and help other people do their stuff, I'm a bit rusty in terms of skills though.

Also, its probably important to throw this here, I won't chat in open chat, its not my stuff and I can't say I like all the spam going around. I know some of this sounds like I'm ranting but I guess its better to give out all this info (aka: I've got no idea on what I should write here).