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    Question Anyword on if and when visionphone pass reset will be working again?

    I play on the japanese servers and have yet to find a functioning link to password reset i've tried the official link and everything guys......I cant search anything sell stuff in my shop my bank is at 198/200 i need some help.

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    Is the site down for you? If so, keep in mind you need to have a VPN that redirects browser traffic as well.

    If you can access the site, and the specific recovery page is still down then best of luck with that.

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    I dont have a vpn is it free where can i get one?!

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    I just use SoftEther for when I want to look at something on the website. I don't know if there's something better (might get better use out of AWS or something idunno).

    There are guides floating around for either of those.

    Softether guide
    Amazon Web Services
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