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    Default Sharing the free Grand Prix mission DLC?

    Hi there! New user to the forum, but not new to Phantasy Star (Portable 2i)!

    Is there any way for someone to share the Grand Prix mission DLC with me/others, given that the site that hosted them appears to be no more? I've successfully downloaded the main DLC file which has the ever useful MA infinity missions, but have not seen the GP missions included.

    Let me know either way,

    Many Thanks!

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    Free or not, nobody here has the rights to distribute that DLC to you, and it would be piracy if we did. Simply connecting to the official PSP2i servers should, I think, trigger the game to automatically download all of the relevant DLC you're asking about.

    Just out of curiosity, next time you boot up PSP2i, flip your wifi on and host a local multiplayer game. If it asks, go ahead and enter the game. Then go to the quest counter and check to see if they're available. There's several missions that are only available either online or in local multiplayer.

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    I've already looked for them on local multi, and my psp is not compatable with my router.

    I highly doubt anyone would go after anyone for such a thing especially considering the value, and more importantly, far flung location, but sure, do what you feel is right. I'm just trying to get as full of an experience with this game as I can

    Thanks for the hospitality.

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    I understand, but the likelihood or not of getting caught simply isn't a factor. It's a legal issue, and for some, a moral one. This just isn't the place to be asking for that sort of thing. Sorry.

    I'm not sure why your PSP would be incompatible with your router, but if it's a security encryption issue, I'd simply turn that off momentarily and run unprotected just long enough to get your DLC updates. Otherwise, I'd try somebody else's (or a public venue, like McDonalds or whatnot who usually have free WiFi).

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    I was wondering what difficulty it drops on Paru. I recall psz wiki says Paru on Normal.

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