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    Lightbulb Final Fantasy Type 0 HD on PS4 and Xbox One in March

    This looks like the first true Final Fantasy RPG since Final Fantasy IX (though personally, I liked VIII more than IX.)

    Here is a graphics comparison between:

    PSP version

    PS4/Xbox One version

    I'm glad it's moved from portable to next gen consoles, console is better platform for all genres
    (wonder why Sega chose portable for Phantasy Star Nova instead of console? Consoles
    made Phantasy Star and PSO popular.)

    Here are sources of information
    (all neatly organized in one post so you don't have to search for these articles.)

    North America 3/17/15

    Japan 3/19/15

    Europe 3/20/15
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    They still making games for PSP?

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    Damn shame it's a shit game

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    What's really a shame is a lot of people lack good judgement. If people prefer FFXIII or the upcoming FFXV over this, then rpg gamers really don't know right from wrong anymore.

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    Wait what? type-0 a shit game?

    I don't know or care about the story, but add in the benefit of the doubt that it's a PSP game, and I think it's pretty up there with the best Final Fantasies on gameplay, setting and to-do list alone. @[email protected]

    Not helping that FF series is just a bunch of over glamoured mediocre games cept for a 4th of them and a few non-main series games (this game included.)

    And since this game never actually came out in english, it's a fair buy even though it's fully fan translated.

    AYY. All you nillas days is numbered.

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    It's nice at least someone here knows a good Final Fantasy when they see it.

    Plus, this version has an easier difficulty mode added (the producer said a lot of people couldn't beat the original because it was too hard to them),
    English voiceovers (localized FFs gotta have those),
    improved controls
    more immersive camera (I don't know how people still complain about the camera, it is much better and easier to handle than Ninja Gaiden. Guess some are too lazy to manually move the camera. If they can play Kingdom Hearts 2, they can play this without fuss about the camera and targeting.)
    the multiplayer is cut, but importers noted that's not the reason this rpg is so great.
    the multiplayer items are still obtainable in the game through different means.

    and of course better graphics with some XV technology added, such as the next gen lighting.

    This really is going to be the definitive version of FF Type-0; this is the best thing that
    could have happened to this rpg (aside from a full remake with XV graphics), and I'm sure a lot of FF fans after playing both, will prefer FF Type-0 as their favorite Final Fantasy rpg of the two. And that's worth a second Whopper.

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    Before I assume and rant, Saner have you actually played at least the fan-translated Type-0 or anything?

    Cause I have so...I have a pretty good basis for why I think it's shit, BS difficult being one reason. Not to mention the awful combat that goes along with said bs difficulty...

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    It was kinda tricky but... I didn't find type-0 hard. <_____>;;

    if anything my only gripe is that it was best to level up all the characters, and that could get grindy in the arena. And all the characters have their own learning curves.

    I think this should've been the major console FF game, and 13 should've just...

    Not exist.

    AYY. All you nillas days is numbered.

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    I-I like 13 >.>

    Anywoo when I say the difficulty I'm referring to how incredibly glassy all the characters felt, even with armor and stuff on. Like it always felt as though any attack in the game could 2/3 hit kill any character and it was just why. Honestly it was more annoying than hard given the way the combat actually worked...
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    Type 0 is easy though, you're ideally supposed to be playing defensively in that you learn when an enemies break kill sight comes up, and then remember it for the next 500 times you encounter said enemy. Even without doing that, magic in that game is extraordinarily overpowered. So strong that I completely stopped using it outside of Thunder RF on Rem because it trivialized the game.

    There are some characters that have awkward attacks for sight attacks, those ones tend to have options that give them a different kind of edge, like Sice, if used correctly (hard to do she's hard as fuck to master), can rip through a hoard without getting touched if you're using her attacking mobility properly.

    The combat really does have a nice amount of depth to it, while remaining simple enough to not be annoying, while also having a huge variety in attacking styles per character to keep things fresh. Though I ultimately end up with a Melee Rem, Cater, Queen, Nine and Jack.

    PPS: Cater, not Cinque, Cinque is 2advanced4mi
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