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    Default Yet another idea to make maining Techer more interesting

    Exactly what it says on the tin. Techer is a great idea but very poorly executed.

    Edit: PLEASE people. I have been playing PSO2 since EP3 came out. YES I know Techer is currently god-tier levels of OP. But lets agree on this one thing: Its boring. This thread is about interesting and fun ideas to make Techer... well... more fun. So if you agree read on, if you disagree, i respect your opinion, but please keep it to yourself to avoid derailing this thread any more than it already has been. Anyway...

    So here is my ideal changelog for a patch to Techers

    "Wand gear now has 5 stages and is built up by normal Wand Attacks with each stage increasing your attack speed, the length of your combos and the range of your normal attacks by 20%, 1 stage and 0.5 meters respectively. With all 5 stacks you attack at twice the normal speed, your combos have 8 unique animations and your range extends to an additional 2.5 meters, complete with a 'lightsaber' effect the color of your weapon's current element.

    Wand Gear charges do not decay, they can only be spent and are lost on an area change.

    Wand Gear now also allows for Charged Wand Attacks (just hold the attack button until the 'ting' just like with techs.) Wand Gear Charges increase the Charge Speed and the speed of the attack animation. Charged Wand Attacks cost PP to deal double damage, generate substantially more Wand Gear, and cause the wand explosion we are so familiar with. Except for balance Wand gear explosions are now pure Tech damage that no longer get bonuses from Satk stuff like Fury Stance. The reasons for that will become clear when you read the new Wand Reactor.

    The Wand Lovers skill is renamed Photon Combat and is made a passive (As in not a stance anymore.) It increases your basic attack damage by its normal amount, and enables the use of Step, Step Attack and the wand's new pallet ability (see below.) Photon Combat will also change your weapon's element to that of the last used offensive tech and at max level will give you 0.15 seconds of extra I-frames while Stepping (The usual cap of 0.20 seconds still applies.)

    Wands themselves cannot have Techniques bound to their pallets until you have chosen the Photon Combat skill. Shift will cycle between the three bound techniques, meaning you will always have Attack bound to the left mouse.

    The reason for this is that techniques cast from the wand's pallet no longer require charge times, and instead spend Wand Gear charges and cost 150% the normal amount of PP to cast in exchange for casting at full charge at uncharged speed (The casting animation is also sped up by your Wand Gear charges before the charge is spent at the end of the animation.) If you have no Wand Gear, you cannot cast a tech from the wand's pallet, just like if you lack the PP. Techs can still be cast from the sub-pallets as normal. The techs cast from the Wand's Pallet count both as a Charged and as a Uncharged tech (Just to keep Elysion relevant, yah know ;3)

    Wand Reactor now (at max level) causes 50% of ALL bonuses to Striking Damage to also apply to tech damage, and 50% of ALL bonuses to Tech Damage to also apply to Striking Damage (This means things like Fury Stance as well as your Satk stat will provide bonus Tech Damage, and vice versa for things like Elemental masteries and charged tech bonuses (a charged Wand Attack is considered a charged tech for example. This also includes relevant Weapon Potentials, such as Elysion which would increase the damage of normal wand attacks)

    A new passive called Chain Reaction will have 5 levels and will allow you to strike up to 4 additional hit boxes on the same target. The additional hits will not cause damage with normal attacks normally, but will trigger with Charged Wand Attacks, causing Tech Explosions on all the additional hitboxes for massive damage to large targets.

    Because these skills are so build-enabling, Wand Gear, Photon Combat, Wand Reactor and Chain Reaction are now their separate part of the tree that can be taken in that order without having to spend points in anything else.

    Wand Gear, Photon Combat, Wand Reactor and Chain Reaction are also Main Class Only skills.

    Territory PP Save also reduces the cost of techs cast from the Wand Pallet by twice as much as it normally would, to maintain it's effectiveness."

    There, that's how, with minimal amount of work needed on SEGA's part, you can make Techer much more interesting than it is.

    At-least that's my opinion. What do you guys think? What would you do differently?
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    I think with EP3, Techer is much more in the right direction. With the annoying fist pumping gone, the class became a lot more enjoyable to play. Also support is now pretty good as a Techer, with 3 minutes Shifta and Deband in a single cast, Shifta Strike, Deband Toughness, Deband Cut and Super Treatment, without sacrificing anything in the melee multipliers.

    What I would do:
    1. Not further increase the power of wand normal attacks, considering it costs no PP.
    2. Nerf the effectiveness of Zondeel by making it more risky. Currently Zondeel > Smack has close to zero risk. This could be done by either shortening the duration of the suction, make less enemies ' movable' or make enemies more aggressive so they will attack you the second you suck them in. Maybe a bit of all?
    3. Give Wand PA's to compensate for 2. For this to work, they'd also have to rebalance the power of wand normal attacks, or else there would be no point in using the PA's.

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    Wouldn't mind if they copy pasted the Gunslash PAs and changed the shooting parts to fire out blue gunk like Bouncer DBs do, except TATK-based.

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    That would be a complete waste. Plus wands do techs just fine. Don't know why people keep saying they should get PAs.

    I do love how the OP gives all these extensive changes that would require completely reprogramming wands and then says at the end that it would take minimal work from Sega. Like most fix threads, it really does not come off as something actually considering what's currently in the game. Just another thread about how a person wants the class to be like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LonelyGaruga View Post
    Don't know why people keep saying they should get PAs.
    Because that's all you do with wand gear,just keep using normal attacks.Basically Jet Boots are what I want for wands but since boots are out i'm not sure if they would add unique photon arts to wands.I'd just like another way to use wand gear really.

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    just give Techer these skills : "melee lover" + "melee reactor" >>> done

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    Techer is already one of the most bullshit insane classes in the entire game. I can KO an entire mob spawn in one smack. Even bosses drop like flies, regardless of what you do - I can kill Quartz in 8 seconds with Banish Arrow and Gimegid, or keep Banthers in permanent break-stun with wand smacks.

    Doesn't really need buffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Touka View Post
    Because that's all you do with wand gear,just keep using normal attacks.
    There's something wrong with that? Wand damage is already extremely competent. Each hit is roughly 400 power notation, and Techer provides, by itself, a 1.84x bonus to wand damage (both strikes and WG). Hunter gives 1.76x to its weapons, for comparison.

    It's pretty easy to exceed 20K per hit on weak points, and not too difficult to exceed 30K on weak points like Vibras' rear. With the speed wands already have and the damage they're doing, the only thing PAs have to provide without making Techer even better than it already is would be range, and techs already cover that.

    To give an example, the fastest TD ARKS Grand Prix video I could find for Techer was 1:46. The fastest Fi/Bo video I could find was 1:37. 9 seconds. Very minimal difference. Techer can compete effectively with a very viable class combination without PAs.

    Of course, Attack Advance being restricted to normal attacks might actually make wand normals superior to whatever PAs they were given in the first place.

    Seriously, can everyone stop with the fix Techer threads? It's been fixed for months. Stop pretending otherwise.

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    Needs a charge attack on its normals for BR stances

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    I hope that's sarcasm. Wand normals hit roughly 10K before taking into account weak points already as is, whether you're Te/Hu, Te/Fi, or Te/Br.

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