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    Quote Originally Posted by LonelyGaruga View Post
    This is why it's wrong for you to post. You don't get Techer...

    ...But it doesn't appear that you actually care about the state of the game's balance in the first place as long as Techer is this super cool pointlessly over the top class that is just so awesome to play with pointlessly flashy mechanics that would just kill its current practical but understated playstyle.

    ...Ridiculous exaggerations like that just hurt your case if you wanted to come off as knowing what you were talking about in the first place.
    I guess you missed all the times where i said:

    "this is EXACTLY why i said at the end of my post: "At-least that's my opinion. What do you guys think? What would you do differently?" Because that's what I wanted this thread to be: Interesting ideas from lots of people, so we can find some common ground."


    "In short, I think ALL classes weapons etc need this sort of attention, but you have to agree that currently with the meta as it is that spamming one or two things until things die is NOT interesting."


    "Try to imagine the current balance of power for Techer, but you had more buttons to press. This would be more interesting, no?"

    So, apart from the patently ridiculous "You don't GET techer" (Really? The game is not THAT complex... And I have been playing it since it's Japanese release and lurking these forums since the original PSO...)

    A: I DO care about the games balance, but I ALSO care about it's mechanics. It is NOT impossible to change one while maintaining the other, but that wasn't even the POINT of this thread. And whether or not you think Techer is fine as is could have easily been expressed without derailing the entire thread, and completely ignoring the people who DO think it needs changed. Maybe you could even have argued for compromise, or if you disagreed entirely, at least explain in detail why (That said, several people who have posted did do this and I respect you guys for it.) Its not cool to tell me I'm biased while being biased yourself... The thread was just supposed to be about fun ideas not "You don't GET Techer" type arguments...

    B: The whole game features super cool pointlessly flashy classes. Whats wrong with wanting Techer to follow suit? Sure if it was JUST Techer that got that attention then sure that would be suspect but again: "In short, I think ALL classes weapons etc need this sort of attention." Also, again, other classes were not the point of the thread.

    C: I fail to see at what point I made a "Ridiculous exaggeration" while literally describing the current meta... And need I mention it wouldn't be relevant to the point of the thread anyway? If you thought I was missing a key element to the class, or I had the wrong perspective on something, or you simply disagreed with me, you would come off as a much more reasonable human being if you had calmly and levelly explained yourself, rather than using passive-aggressive language that just hurts your case of knowing what you were talking about in the first place. Which leads to me using the same language in this extremely frustrated response, and we get nowhere.

    But considering this forum when it gets to this point, i'd be better off looking for somewhere else to post this. I was looking for some people to bounce fun ideas off about a game I liked, but all i'm getting is arguments... And "You don't GET Techer." Sorry. That one really tickled me.
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    More or less, yes, I only glanced at your post because I got the basic idea of what the entire post would be like. It was a wishlist that pays no attention to the current design of the game, no heed to balance, and changes many things that are better off not being changed.

    The problem with brainstorming and sharing ideas is that they have to be good ideas. This thread was not an example of one. Right now, there is very little to do that would, without question, improve Techer. None of your ideas were like that. It was just about changing Techer to suit your preferences. And most, if not all, ideas shared would be the same, tailored to that particular person.

    Right here, the very first sentence of your post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drazn42 View Post
    Exactly what it says on the tin. Techer is a great idea but very poorly executed.
    This is where I get the impression you fail to understand Techer, despite your playtime. You treat your opinion as a fact, and you continue to do so with your edits. That, in itself, is an unpardonable offense when it comes to discussing changes with a game. Not helped by the majority of your ideas simply being unnecessary complications to gameplay that would take far more effort than it's worth to make playing Techer more of a hassle than anything else. Lengthened combos? Pointless flashiness. Changing how WG works? Pointless flashiness. Changing WG explosions themselves? Pointless flashiness. Pointless idea after pointless idea. It never stops. Uninspired ideas that are boring to read, knowing that you have absolutely no idea how to properly pull off all of this in a balanced fashion. It's no better than anything Sega pulls off, except they actually do all of the work, while you're just all talk.

    Your ideas would be better off on a new class entirely, along with most "fix" threads. Which is why they're a sickening waste of creativity, directed toward misaimed causes. If you want to discuss ideas without any intention of implementing them, then you should have said that. If you wanted to actually discuss implementing them, you did a poor job of making things that would make sense to implement, and explaining why they should be in, not helped by a lack of consideration given to any possible balance issues your changes might cause.

    You clearly have no idea what you're talking about throughout your opening post. It's a completely fair assessment for me to say you don't get Techer, because nowhere did you give me reason to think you knew what you were talking about, unlike posts from guys like Gigawuts.

    In short, you demonstrate a lack of understanding of what kind of effect the changes you describe would have on Techer, you demonstrate a lack of forethought about balance, and you demonstrate a lack of consideration that not everyone might think of Techer as boring or a poorly executed idea. That last one, by the way, is your biggest mistake, because it's an assumption. The very point of your changes is to make Techer "interesting". This requires Techer to be boring. That is an opinion. For anyone that disagrees with it, the thread is an eyesore.

    It just so happens a lot of people think Techer is interesting or fun as it is. Who'd have thought people would disagree with your assumption?

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    tbh i think techer is fine, the only thing i wouldnt mind was if territory burst afected resta and buffs to a greater extent... but eh its already good.
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    Having gone around a read a lot of your other posts I have come to the conclusion that you seem to exact some sort of pleasure out of talking smack from the theory-crafted holy high ground that enables you to be the ultimate authority on everything in this game.

    Its all very well and all for you to disagree with me, or call my efforts a "sickening waste of creativity," I don't personally care about what I or you do with our spare time, and I could probably pull some equally pointless rebuttal about how you commenting on every single post (pretty much) on this forum that you disagree with is a sickening waste of your time.

    But to actually come into a thread about opinions, tell me that I treat my opinions as fact, then to list off your opinions in short succession and then label THEM as fact has made my lose all of the remaining respect I had for you.

    Which is a shame since your grasp of the mechanics of the game appear very strong.

    I get that you disagree with me, or that you think my ideas were 'pointless flashiness,' but I was honestly putting forward what I thought Techer needed to be more interesting to play.

    I was putting forth an appeal and initial tribute to the open forum of ideas, to see what would stick and what other people would come up with in a purely hypothetical scenario (that is, the assumption that whatever we desired could be implemented, and made to be balanced against what already existed.) Perhaps i did not stress that hard enough, or was unclear, and for that I am sorry.

    But, to quote your very first reply to this post:

    "Just another thread about how a person wants the class to be like."

    Considering the extremely sarcastic and demeaning tone of your entire reply you immediately made clear you had no interest in actually contributing anything to the goal of the post.

    You had one goal from the get-go: To shut this thread down by derailing it with constant posts about how it is your opinion that Techer is fine and anyone arguing otherwise is an idiot and is only, after all, committing to a "sickening waste of creativity."

    Fine, good, we got your point. Now F**k off.

    @Everybody else that posted here

    I get the general consensus that you believe Techer to be fine as is. And that's fine, I respect that. Coming from other MMOs such as WoW and games such as Magic: The Gathering I find highly complex and intricate systems of synergistic abilities/attacks/combos/whatever to be very interesting and compelling.

    Techer interested me because it purports to be a Hybrid class, and Hybrid in my book means complex. Techer as it stands is anything but however and I deem that to be a failure.

    However, I understand the desire for a simple but effective play-style even if I am not of the same mind, and changing it to suit myself is, as a certain person mentioned, not going to appeal to those people.

    I will look elsewhere for like minds on this subject, and will return to lurking this forum since my frustration with some of it's denizens has reached it's peak.

    So rest assured LonelyGaruga. You shan't be seeing me again. And I can guess your thoughts on this:

    "Yes, another idiot bites the dust."

    So I will leave you with this sentiment:

    You are a despicable person, practically the mascot of all the reasons this forum catches so much flak for being extremely opinionated, intolerant and poisonous because you are all three of these things.


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