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    What else to get?
    This is my tree atm, lvl 100 and 11 SP left:

    What else to get?
    I mainly use that Corrupt Cannon something or other sheet launcher which increases Sphere Eraser charge speed and normal attack speed. Making me think it's a good idea being able to spam some Special bullet on Launcher for frequent +100 atk and mainly apparently a 20% pp cost reduction for the entire time a special bullet is loaded.
    I have a great pp battery gs so I won't be refilling pp with normals anyway.

    My main options for the remaining SP are Jellen Shot, which is a pretty nice damage reduction and since it affects the whole boss regardless where I hit there is no chance to run out of it before cd ends, meaning I can always keep up the 20% pp cost reduction from PP Save Bullet.

    On the other hand Panic Shot + First sounds nice as well, because First Hit ought to be pretty neat for mobbing. But of course that comes with the constant Temptation.
    At this point the skills I advise you to take are
    Upper trap : massive PP recovery, can be set in advance and be used in various ways for free PP refills
    Poison trap, same as aforementioned,much less PP gain but you get a damage over time effect that actually really adds up and gives a good amoutn of extra damage (upper trap is comparatively very very low damage).

    Aside from those there's really nothing enticing left in RA's tree, first hit looks good at first glance but due to how it works, it ultimately is a very niche skill (unless you do lots of hard solo quests with tons of mobs like Endless or solo triggers, it's usually not worth because in MPAs, everyone will hit things before you do)
    Therefore I'd advise to dump everything in shooting up at this point, sure it's not a huge boon, but it at least provides reliable value.

    If you're willing to reset your tree, I'd also advice cutting a lot, if not all of dive roll advance points. Nowadays, RA hardly uses rolls to dodge, as parallel slider 0 provides a very large invulnerability window for a very low PP cost, Impact slider also has invulnerability and is one of the best PAs for damage for anything not RA/HU (RA/ET comes to mind as it is the most commonly used combo nowadays). You can keep 2 or 3 points but past that is honestly way too overkill. Of course it's just a personal opinion, you're free to do whatever, it's a game and you play it how you want xD
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