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    lol wut? That most likely makes it weaker then form scythe. I thought it was just a typo on swiki. Oh well, motivation to run Deus dropped by a lot. At least the fight is more fun then the past few 'raid' boss EQ's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorak000 View Post
    lavis has 999 s-atk at +35, the projectile is apparently t-atk scaling but I haven't heard what the damage type is
    Well, I always know SEGA hates melee TE, but never know it's this much
    TE buff is cool.

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    I don't think SEGA realizes they broke the Techer meta with Form Scythe. A 50% latent which also penetrates multiple enemies/bosses, should never have been made (I mean it's great and all to use). Without the existence of Form Scythe, Lavis Canon would've been a cool weapon. But yeah...

    I don't think SEGA knows TE/HU is even a thing. They probably think we all play TE/BO or TE/FO :?

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    The official guide for class build has most classes done right. Except TE. They put TE/FO there.
    Yeah, they didn't realize Form wand changes the meta for melee TE. It's time to fire Kimura I guess.
    TE buff is cool.

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    It's time to fire all of them and let someone from Platinum Games fix this train wreck of a game. Maybe then we get combat that doesn't make you fall asleep. TE/HU has been a thing since like EP2 and they made wand lovers actually useful for melee.. what were they smoking when adding Form Scythe? TE has a ton of striking boost with wandlovers and wand reactor :\/ what's next? Switch range skill to do wand smacks based on R-ATK?

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    Just play te/br then? If the last swing is t-atk based then it's gonna most likely be better than hu at melee as well as techs now.
    The discussion is meaningless since no one will get it anyway.

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    12* and 13* on first release were like that too. And now everyone feeds them for exp/factor.
    Also you seem to misunderstand something. No one ever said TE/HU cannot use a T-Atk build. And whether S-Atk or T-Atk build, TE/HU still has higher damage than TE/BR at wand melee.

    The problem with the new 14* wand: it's weaker than a specific 13* that can be gotten rather easily via Nightmare triggers. Which is kind of stupid considering how rare it is.
    TE buff is cool.

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    Speaking of Te/Br I've yet to get Rikauteri...... surprised there isn't another t-atk bow. Been playing that "mostly" wand smacking life" but of course probably pales in comparison to what Te/Hu can do.....I have Form atleast......
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    And what Nguuuuuuuuuuu said. The problem is SEGA doesn't give shit about melee TE and doesn't seem to understand the gap they created with Form Scythe. What gear progression can we look forward to for the upcoming year?

    Just switch to the TE/HU side! It's easy and painless!

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    Quote Originally Posted by qoxolg View Post

    Just switch to the TE/HU side! It's easy and painless!
    But then I can't eventually blow stuff up with Banish Ragrants lol
    Gamertag: jaye3rd89

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