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    Default Best way to run melee FOrce

    Hello guys, I want to build a melee Force as my "first" character (I played a bit with other characters, none of them are above level 15), but I don't know how to make it playable, aiming to SH Mode. Could you help me?

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    As you can tell...
    This 0 board has about 0 traffic left. However, in my quest to get the story of the game & record certain details (old games shouldn't be forgotten) I made up a HUnewm.

    This isn't exactly melee-fo, but it's ok.
    The thing of it is that at first this type of character has a harder time and looks like it's going to be lousy, but as you go through the game, it continues to get better. From the start, I used mostly HU weapons because you have to find tech disks from boxes/enemies etc & the level of the disk really does matter on how effective it will be. So the HU part stands in for the FO part at the start.

    Multiple Mags
    You can raise more than 1 mag here, and they're pretty easy to do because you can feed it a lot/frequently. Using mags especially early on to boost stats of a hybrid character is important. Plus, with your choice of mags & how to raise them, you can do a melee heavy one, and then a tech heavy one and just switch out when you need.

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    Melee FO I have no idea, but I remember obliterating Falz at lvl 18 with my slicer only FOnewearl (full mind mag), it was my third character in the japanese cartridge so I didn't play up to SH, I can't say if it's worth going the slicer way later game or not.

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    ^Slicers are great to have for boss battles since you can hit them without jacking up your accuracy at all. The bosses have a weird quirk in this game where you can have nearly next to nothing for accuracy and still hit them most of the time.

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    Get yourself a good wand with Accuracy Adjust, Magical Sign and a high level element. My FOmar rarely strays from his Celeb 5 Alice Oliva despite having a Psycho Wand for the seldom occasions I want to tech spam.

    FOmarl is probably the most suited to melee force since they have the highest ATA out of the forces while still having more MST than FOmar. ATA isn't a big concern until super difficulty, but you should aim for at least 500 ATA or you'll be struggling against the more evasive enemies.
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