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    Post Challenge Quest 1: Mission 1-10 Tips and Strategies (added tagger video by Firesword)

    This guide should cover pretty much everything you'll need to know for the first Challenge Quest.
    If anyone has anything to add, feel free to leave such details in a reply.

    What is Challenge Quest?

    Read this for the basics:

    Watch this video by Z-0 to see the entire thing from his perspective:

    Watch this video by FireswordRus to see the entire thing from his perspective as tagger/kiter:

    Z-0's current spreadsheet for optimal organized Challenge runs:


    - Don't pick up capsules unless there is no designated time manager. If you are not the VR manager, don't pick them up.
    - Picking up red crystal (miles) is global, so anyone can do it whenever.
    - If you're not confident with the traps, wait for someone else to disable them.
    - Don't pick up items dropped by other players (white dots) unless you really need them, or nobody else is picking them up.
    - EXP is limited, so try to make sure everyone is present (ie. in the same area) and alive to receive EXP.
    - You can only get as far as your multi is able to. This means you need to help them so that they can help you.
    - Many rare drops (disks, weapons, units) rely on players dropping them for each other, for maximum effectiveness.
    - If you have unwanted disks or other rare equipment, you should drop them for others instead of scrapping them.
    - If you're going to drop stuff for other people, try to announce it so that that they will know something is being dropped.
    - Don't drop items right next to bosses in combat. Good places include: in front of where everyone will be headed, at intervals, and at the start of new areas.
    - If you notice lots of people leaving, then someone in the multi probably screwed up (eg. picking up VR time capsules). Try not to be that person.
    - If enemies are targeting you, don't drag them towards people fighting other enemies/bosses.

    Crucial Points

    - The speed that VR energy time decreases depends on number of players in the multi. This means that you really need to pull your weight.
    - Even if someone disconnects, the VR energy time speed will not re-adjust.
    - VR energy capsules restore varying amounts (check the item name). For maximum time, only pick VR energy capsules up when the meter has sufficiently depleted.
    - For best results, you'll want to try and end every mission with as much time as possible. Yes, it's possible to end every mission with a full VR meter.
    - Challenge Dolls NEGATE the VR energy loss from death. You can only carry 2 at once, and you can drop them for other people.
    - From interval 2 and onwards, if you have spare Grinders, always keep at least one Challenge Doll on you at all times (but don't rely on it).
    - The VR energy timer stops when anyone enters the Interval room. You can assign someone to wait at the exit, to leave immediately and stop the timer.
    - Pick up all items that drop from enemies. Watch the map to make sure you've looted everything (green dots). VR energy capsules look like a tiny green hourglass.
    - For the Gardine sentries at the start of M3 and M8, attack the center one first, so that it won't summon adds.

    Important Basics

    - Try to learn how to use EVERY weapon. You can learn weapons in the normal game. Buy cheap weapons/PAs, go to the first monkey quest and experiment!
    - Always approach Challenge Mode with the mindset that you're a naked level 1.
    - Don't take risks. Always try to avoid getting hit. Dying eats up a large chunk of VR energy. Stay alive, but also stay aggressively offensive.
    - Don't forget that you can use any weapon. Just keep in mind that you need to be able to afford them, and that other players need good equip too.
    - Shifta/Deband Raid (subpalette 6 and 7 by default) are fairly common. Use them when players are gathered (eg. at loot gems), before major battles, and before intervals end.
    - Don't use Shifta/Deband Raid unless you know you will be safe, as it has a very long casting animation.


    - As long as you're not dying a lot, level ups will occur at roughly the same locations. You can avoid wasting healing items by simply waiting for the level up.
    - If you're a good player or have good equipment, take the initiative and tag/kill tough enemies ahead of everyone else. You can also pull them away from the party.
    - Don't tag multiple bosses, as they will then overlap and fighting them without taking damage will become much more difficult.
    - Carrying a magic weapon for Mirage Escape can help with Code Avoid or other sticky situations. Don't forget that Wand Lovers can be switched off.
    - A spare gun or gunslash can be used to safely regenerate PP at a distance.
    - Always try to aim for the enemy's head or other weak points.
    - You can see dropped items on the map as white dots instead of green.
    - Organized groups may want to designate a specific person for managing capsules or sorting all loot. Note that if this person disconnects, all their loot will disappear.

    Tips for Clearing

    - For best possible clear, you'll want to make use of whatever's available and only buy what's necessary.
    - Don't try to be a one-man army, a single person can't do everything. If you have good stuff, distribute it evenly amongst the multi.
    - You shouldn't have more than one good rare weapon, unless nobody else needs it.
    - Good players won't need to buy units. You can hold out and wait for them to drop from gauntlet boxes, etcetra.
    - The multi should try to conserve as many items as possible, to convert them into grinders and exchange for Chain Triggers in the final mission.
    - Challenge Dolls are only really helpful to prevent deaths that end the run (ie. VR timer is low), and to save time in the final mission. A good multi shouldn't need to buy Challenge Dolls.
    - For best clear score, you'll have to assign specific roles for the final mission. It's different in that it requires an organized setup for maximum efficiency.
    - If you feel you might die, you should drop your Challenge Doll and then pick it up later. Don't pick up Dolls that aren't yours unless someone is intentionally giving it to you.

    Group Roles

    VR Energy Management Tips


    Work in progress. Temporary links with information:

    Roles:(copy pasted from final_attack because I'm lazy)
    タゲ (Tage) = Tag
    VR管理 (VR kanri) or just 管理 or sometimes かんり = VR manager
    ファンジ (sometimes it's using hiragana ふぁんじ) = Fanji
    先行 (senkou) = Rush (Time stopper)
    ブルフ先行 (senkou) = Bulf Rush (rush ahead aggro Code Avoid Gel Bulfs)

    Add "やります" after the above to say you're going to do that role.
    Under Quick Menu, you can set it as your Online Status Free Message.

    Other important messages:
    さがってください = "stand back, please" (usually before Code Avoid, Fanji, etc)
    待機 = "standby/wait here" (usually during M8's gauntlet if there isn't enough time)

    More to come later.

    General character setup tips

    - Drops are highly random and unreliable. You may not be able to trade for the setup you want.
    - For this reason, you should have an ideal setup, and a backup/minimum setup in case you can't get what you want.
    - Planning ahead is important because some disks can only be obtained early on.
    - Prior to interval 1, you may want to save all disks because you can get away with using normal attacks.
    - Casters will suffer from poor PP regen until you can get PP Charge Revival at Interval 1. Melee or ranged weapons are probably better until then.
    - Some weapons may seem weak earlier but strong later. The opposite is also true.
    - Consensus seems to suggest that Twin Daggers, Twin Machineguns and Launchers become very effective after Mission 5 or 6.
    - At Interval 4, it takes 5 weapons and 2 units for any Red weapon. You should save your spare units for this point.
    - At Interval 5, a Red weapon and 5 Grinders are required to obtain a Blue weapon.

    Recommended Weapons + Skills

    General Necessities:
    Elemental Weak Hit, Wise Stance, Perfect Keeper
    Fury Stance (if melee), Standing Snipe (if ranged)

    Melee AOE:
    1. Partisan + Partisan Gear + Slide Shaker (always use in the air, it's faster and has more maneuverability)
    2. Sword + Sword Gear + Nova Strike / Ride Slasher

    Melee Single Target:
    1. Katana + Katana Gear + Gekka Zakuro (jump and use it at lowest height possible, repeat).
    2. Knuckles + Knuckles Gear + Slide Upper
    3. Twin Machinegun + Satellite Aim (lacks maneuverability)
    4. Dual Blades + Dual Blades Gear + Heavenly Kite
    5. Twin Dagger + Twin Dagger Gear + Symphonic Drive + Twin Dagger Spin Move

    Melee Aerial:
    1. Dual Blades + Dual Blades Gear + Heavenly Kite
    2. Twin Dagger + Twin Dagger Gear + Symphonic Drive + Twin Dagger Spin Move
    3. Twin Machinegun + Satellite Aim (lacks maneuverability)

    Ranged AOE:
    1. Launcher + Cluster Bullet
    2. Wand + Foie (use third-person shoulder cam and intentionally graze) or Ra Grants (also applies Panic)
    3. Bow + Penetrate Arrow

    Ranged Single Target: (not sure about this)
    1. Launcher + Concentrate One
    2. Tech weapon + Techs
    3. Bow + Penetrate Arrow / Master Shoot

    Mission walkthrough:

    Mission 1 (Forest)


    Mission 2 (Volcanic Caves)


    Interval Area 1


    Mission 3 (Desert)


    Mission 4 (Forest)


    Interval Area 2


    Mission 5 (Volcanic Caves)


    Interval Area 3


    Mission 6 (Forest)


    Mission 7 (Volcanic Caves)


    Interval Area 4


    Mission 8 (Desert)


    Mission 9 (Forest)


    Interval Area 5


    Mission 10 (Volcanic Caves)


    Weapon tips & info, Interval Shop Listings

    Moved to another post because of post size limitations.

    Thanks for reading.

    - JP swiki people (lots of info)
    - Rakurai (eruption tip that I forgot, various Burn Drall stuff)
    - Maninbluejumpsuit (Burn Drall tips, etc)
    - Dammy (suggestions)
    - Renderless (Cougar tip)
    - Cyclon (various tips)
    - Dycize (Knuckles tips)
    - AIDA (advertising)
    - Aine (timer stop tip, Mission 9 weapons tip)
    - Sora3100 (various tips)
    - Zakvvv666 (shop clarity suggestion)
    - final_attack (various tips)
    - Z-0 (various tips, strategies, info)
    - Vatallus (Mission 5 running tip)
    - jiasu73/Tomia (helping people)
    - Everyone else that's been contributing in this thread.

    ...and a big F.U. to the JP organizer (name starts with M) who secretly blocked me for no reason, whilst lying to everyone's faces and blaming his own friends.
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    I'd recommend adding that you should drop rare stuff that you will not use the moment you get them.
    Last edited by Sora3100; Mar 13, 2015 at 09:26 PM.

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    I would say that, but sometimes people drop items where some people have already exited.
    It's best to wait until everyone's gathered and in a place where they can see the items.

    I guess I should add "announce that you're going to drop stuff".
    Edit: Done.
    Last edited by TaigaUC; Mar 13, 2015 at 09:36 PM.

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    You can prevent Burn Draal's flame eruption from going off if you run as far away from it as possible as it's emerging from the ground for the second time, since it'll only trigger it if it's near you.

    Helps to prevent any casualties.

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    Oh yeah, forgot to say that. Thanks.

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    Amazing guide. Thank you very much ^.^

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    "- VR energy capsules restore varying amounts (check the item name). Only pick up them up when the meter has sufficiently depleted."

    This is where most people fail. Also people don't convert their preferred weapons...

    I think that in the forest by walking near a wall will prevent the activation of ring traps but I need to test this more. Nice guide btw AND TY.

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    I sometimes see people running around with level 1 swords in mission 3-4.
    Really hope that stops happening.

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    I'm hearing that the EN patch hasn't translated the shops yet.
    I'll look into a temporary fix for that and update the guide when it's done.

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    You're right, the items aren't 100% translated yet. I mean, sometimes they show up translated, sometimes they don't- something to do with caching maybe?

    In any case, Mission 5 is not the end, it does go on. To kill the Burn Draal at the end of mission 5 (to be fair only done this once, so it may not be the best way), target the darker infection core- you'll do more damage to that rather than the 1's you'll see hitting elsewhere.

    A quick look-in at what's after Mission 5-

    Mission 6 - Forest. Basically 3/4's of a square. Areas are gated off- you need to kill darkers in order to pass them. These areas are frequently in darkness. A Funji will appear- the player that gets captured will likely die, as they'll get put on top of a Dark Agrani.

    There's another pair of mutually-exclusive switches in this one- one side opens up a Tagami for sweet sweet exp, the other opens up a time capsule, if I'm not mistaken. I can't comment on how long the Tagami took or what we got out of it because we needed that capsule x.x

    Intermission area comes after this.

    Mission 7 - Caves. Remarkably similar to the first Caves mission, except when you go left and right to unlock switches, you now have up and down too. Never got the chance to find out what they were for- switches didn't appear to be there, but we timed out not long after.

    I know that's not comprehensive or anything, but unfortunately I've only managed this once. Hopefully it's interesting enough and informative enough at least for a little heads up.

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