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    Default waiting for gamestop

    iv owned this game once before but sold my copy and lately I have been having a real craving for some pso so I called a local gamestop and they have a copy of this game coming from a store that's like an hour away for me I cant way to start playing this game again anyone here still play????? and I cant remember how in comparison is it to the gc version I mean is there close to as much content is this going to fill my craving for pso?

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    You'll love it, I know I did.

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    It's a great game. Only level 100 cap but then that leaves you more time to max multiple classes. The class structure was so close to PSO and that's one of the reasons why I loved it. Would have been great to go back to that structure with PSO2 but you can't win them all. If I wasn't knee deep in PS Nova I would totally fire this back up.

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    There are many who still play thats good news the bad news is nintendo dropped the N DS era network servers years ago but I think there was a fan made server made for the game.

    And yes I play PS:0 from time to time. Its bite sized Phantasy Star goodness!

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    The game is great but the story is surprisingly short. You can beat the game within 2-3 days depending on how invested you are in the story. Finding a copy is tough since Sega doesn't mass produce copies upon launch. Amazon or Ebay might be a good choice to finding a copy.
    Planning to replay PSP2 and prove to myself that the chaining mechanic do not slow down the pace of the combat. =/
    Planning to replay PSU (ep1 and 2) for story and gameplay, PSZ and PSP2 offline mode Only Also I'm keeping my FC for psz up though the Network Mode is closed.

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    This game was really addictive! I spent hours on it

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