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    Default Going on a trip to Japan! Where to find PSO loot?

    So I'm heading to Japan soon and will be mostly in the Tokyo / Akihabara area. I was wondering if anyone would be able to recommend some places to check out that might have some Phantasy Star related things. I'm not looking to hit up any net cafes or anything, as I don't play PSO2, but moreso I would love to get my hands on some RAcaseal figures. If anyone would happen to know what to keep an eye out for, or offer some other suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it! I'm hoping to find some cool stuff!

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    You will probably want to try stores like Gamers (if those are still around) or 7 Eleven (they've done 2 collabs so far). Hobby stores and stuff might have some Phantasy Star figmas or builder kits.

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    The net cafes might have something. I'm only guessing though.

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